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Among the Exiles many believed that the summit of the Meneltarma, the Pillar of Heaven, was not drowned for ever, but rose again above the waves, a lonely island lost in the great waters; for it had been a hallowed place, and even in the days of Sauron none had defiled it.

The Silmarillion, Akallabêth

Meneltarma is a special biome that was added in the Public Beta 24 update. The Meneltarma biome replaced the old island biome in the region of Meneltarma on the map. It has no sub-biomes.


Historically, Meneltarma was the highest point in Númenor. It was a very sacred place that was dedicated to Eru Ilúvatar, the supreme deity of Arda. None dared, even in the days of Sauron, to defile that sacred place. It was said that this was the sole area in all of Númenor that had survived the great drowning of the island. However, its summit was rumoured to have remained above sea level after the island sank.


Upon setting foot on the summit of the island, the player earns the achievement "Pillar of the Heavens" and the title "Atalantë". Meneltarma is hidden on the Middle-earth map until the player has travelled there, but its approximate location is west of Umbar and south of Tol Morwen. This biome is completely uninhabited with neither structures nor mobs.

Since Public Beta 24.4, the island is not shown on the ME map any more, and only appears once the player first visits. Since the island is only about 3000 x 2000 blocks in size, it is quite easy to miss while exploring the vast ocean.


In addition to the general ores, Mithril can be found in Meneltarma. This makes Meneltarma one of the only two biomes (the other being the Misty Mountains) to contain this precious ore; however, Mithril can be found more commonly here.


Meneltarma is a fairly rich biome in terms of vegetation. Bright green grass and colourful flowers cover the island. The biome is also abundant in trees, specifically cedar, oak, birch, and beech.

Meneltarma is one of the few biomes in which athelas spawns, either naturally or with bonemeal. It is more common here than anywhere else, and is very easy to find. This, along with the Mithril, makes Meneltarma much sought-after by players on most servers.


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