Mangrove trees were added in Public Beta 21. They can be found abundantly in the Far Harad mangrove biome.

Appearence Edit

The bark of these trees is a pale grey, they often have vines hanging down from the leaves of these trees. They have a unique rootlike sections at the bottom of there trunk.


Mangrove Planks, Log, Stairs, Slab, Fence, Leaves, and Fallen Leaves

Spawning Edit

These trees spawn exclusively in the Far Harad mangrove biome. They make up the majority of the vegitation there.

Uses Edit

Mangrove wood can be harvested from the tree and crafted into fences, stairs, planks, and slabs using traditional Minecraft crafting recipes (with the exception of the fence).

When the leaves of the tree are broken they may on occasion drop saplings in addition, the leaves can also be harvested with shears (like all trees).

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