The Mace is a melee weapon, used by some Half-troll warriors and Southron warriors. It has increased knockback, normal reach, but its swing speed is only 65% when compared to a sword.

Half-troll maceEdit

Half-troll crafting recipe
Half-troll Crafting
any stick
Half-troll Mace

It is one of the cheapest weapons in the mod (as it only uses cobblestone and sticks, two resources that are really easy to get) if you can get the table to make it on. It deals 9.5 (10hearts) damage and has 300 durability.

The Half-troll mace is crafted on the Half-troll crafting table using one stick and four cobblestone. They can also be bought from Half-troll scavengers for 12-20 (1coinX2coinI to 2coinX).

Haradric maceEdit

Haradric crafting recipe
Haradric Crafting
any stick
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Haradric Mace

This weapon is the Southron equivalent of the warhammer. It's crafted using the same pattern as the Half-troll mace, but it uses iron ingots instead of cobblestone on a Haradric crafting table. It deals 9.5 (10hearts) damage and has 400 durability.

Charred Mallorn maceEdit

The charred Mallorn mace is an exclusive drop from the Mallorn Ent boss and can not be crafted. It deals an incredible 12 (10hearts2hearts) damage each blow and has 1500 durability. It might be the perfect weapon for crude warmongers.

Mace of SauronEdit


This mace can only be obtained in creative mode and can not be crafted. It works similarly to the Staff of Gandalf the White, dealing damage in a fireball to any "good" NPCs and animals, and also dealing area damage. As a melee weapon, it deals a mere 8 (8hearts) damage, but has 1500 durability. Sauron used to wield it, but he has been removed from the mod since then.



All the maces of Public Beta 26 on weapon racks.

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