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The Limwaith (Sindarin: Fish-people) will live in the Mangroves of Far Harad. They have exotic tattoos and eat mostly fish, which they are famous for catching.


The Limwaith call the hot and humid Mangrove swamps of Harad home. They are fiercely indepedent and warlike. The Limwaith have slain many men and fought many wars with the invading Taurethrim but were ultimately defeated. They have exotic full body tattoos and are great fishermen. When the Taurethrim Empire collapsed, the Limwaith rebelled and drove them out of the mangroves. Allying with Sauron and his followers, the Near-Haradrim and the Morwaith, they began to raid the Jungles of the Taurethrim. The Limwaith wait for a leader to lead them against the Taurethrim and create the Limwaith Empire.


The Limwaith will most likely be inspired by the Maori of Aotearoa, commonly known today as New Zealand.

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