Siegewar is designed to bring players an Ultra Hardcore survival server with no-holds-barred MMORPG-style gameplay. No moderators, epic builds & epic overworld, Guild & PVP system, protection-bypassing siege weapons, and a permanent non-resetting-world commitment.


A completely re-imagined experience of the LOTR Minecraft Mod that creates a realistic, harsh, epic, and uttering rewarding MMORPG experience.

It begins with an in-game siege-warfare system that allows players the ability to bypass and even destroy LOTR Mod banner protection. Nobody enjoys absolute unfettered protection and safety in on Siegewar.

The purpose of the siege system however is about it being one part of fostering roleplay, player justice, politics, and regional-factionalism.

Our communication system eliminates global talk and makes all communication much more local. It's hard, if not impossible, to become immersed in a world where everyone can talk freely, globally. Yelling, whispering, and in-game LOTR Mod items are used to affect communications. For example: LOTR rhino horns can be used as an ear horn to eavesdrop on players chatting behind their city walls.

Our transportation system eliminates Fast Track points in order to further foster regionalism. We provide alternatives of course (quests, NPCs, caravans, scrolls) but controlling an area has much more meaning when the world isn't just one list of teleport destinations.

An epic overworld using Middle Earth-style biomes of towering mountains, meandering valleys, sweeping sand dunes, ancient ruins, and even Middle Earth ores are all a part of our exciting remake! Mining in the overworld is much harder than you're used to however!

A Moderator-free no-holds-barred style of gameplay emphasizes player-justice, absolute equality, and self-reliance! Our philosophy is that "rules.." whether about sieging, or building, or PvP, "are best left to [hard-coded] gameplay mechanics." Hard-Coded Rules: So for example, we despise "pillaring" (building straight up pillars). Our gameplay mechanics auto-kill any playing pillaring too much and shame the offender publicly to this fact. Another example, PvP. We don't like random PvP, so we have a system of auto-death on mid-combat-quitting (with more public shaming!), and even PvP revenge ghosts if you kill another player, etc, to balance the PvP system. Currently Whitelist only during final testing.