Hobbit pancakes are an item that was previously obtained exclusively by trading with Hobbit bartenders. As of Public Beta 28 a Hobbit crafting table was added, along with a recipe to craft pancakes.

Crafting Edit

Hobbit crafting recipe
Hobbit Crafting
Bucket of Milk
Hobbit Pancake

The pancake itself can only be crafted on a Hobbit crafting table. To make one, grind some wheat to fine flour, add an egg, and mix all together in a bucket of milk.

Hobbit crafting recipe
Hobbit Crafting
Hobbit Pancake
Hobbit Pancake
Hobbit Pancake
Hobbit Pancake
Maple Syrup
Hobbit Pancake
Hobbit Pancake
Hobbit Pancake
Hobbit Pancake
Hobbit Pancake with Maple Syrup

A single bowl of maple syrup is enough to season up to eight plain pancakes to increase their food value.

A plain Hobbit pancake fills 4 (4food) hunger points while a pancake with maple syrup fills 5 (5food) hunger points.

Trivia Edit

  • Hobbit pancakes were added for the Facebook page moderators welcome party.
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