Out of the shadows a ladder was let down: it was made of rope, silver-grey and glimmering in the dark, and though it looked slender it proved strong enough to bear many men.

–The Fellowship of the Ring, Lothlórien


Hithlain ladders on a treehouse.

The Hithlain ladder is a type of ladder that gives off a small amount of light and can be found on some the treehouses of Lothlórien, however, some still use the more traditional Mallorn ladder. Players with negative Lothlórien Alignment take fire damage when on this ladder, and can not climb it, possibly referencing how the Elven rope burned Smeagol, which makes it useful for use in player bases. It also damages evil aligned NPC's like Orcs or Rhudaur Hillmen.

Crafting Edit

Galadhrim crafting recipe
Galadhrim Crafting
Hithlain Ladder

The Hithlain ladders are crafted on a Galadhrim crafting table, using the normal ladder crafting recipe but with Hithlain instead of sticks.

Galadhrim Shield  The Elves of Lothlórien  Galadhrim Banner

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