Hithlain is the material used by the Galadhrim to make flexible, yet strong, rope, but in the mod it can also be used to craft ladders, cloaks and beds.

Galadhrim crafting recipe
Galadhrim Crafting

Hithlain is made ​​by placing three pieces of string in a straight line on a Galadhrim crafting table. It can also be obtained as loot from treehouses

Galadhrim Shield  The Wood-elves of Lothlórien  Galadhrim Banner

NPCs: Elf (Banner Bearer, Warden, Warrior)
Traders: LordSmithWanderer
Items: Armour (Galvorn, Horse) • Bow (Mallorn) • CloakEdhelmirEquipment (Mallorn)
Hithlain (Ladder) • LembasMallorn LadderMallorn Torch
Blocks: BedBrickCrafting TableElvengrassForgeMallorn Box
Structures: SmithyTreehouse

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