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Now that you have created your brand new LOTR modded server, you'll need to administrate it. The purpose of this page is to help you with the common tasks.

Basic server operationsEdit

Starting at machine boot, stopping at machine shutdown.

Starting/stopping manually.

Reloading the server configuration.

Monitoring the server availability Edit

Verifying that the server is alive (not crashed) and well (not frozen). When possible, from the outside of the server.

Verifying that the server TPS is good.

Restarting automatically after an issue.

Backups and restores Edit

Player's data, world files.

Using incremental backups.

Excluding out of bounds region files.

User managementEdit

Creation (in case of whitelisted servers)/deletion/change.

Rules and their enforcement Edit

Muting, kicking out, banning (temp or permanent)...

Setting a ban appeal page.

Dealing with cheaters and griefers.

Software updates Edit

LOTR mod, Forge, Bukkit-related software, other mods, plugins.

Map updatesEdit

Updates of the LOTR mod sometimes bring modifications in the Middle Earth map or in the terrain generation algorithms.

Glitches or corrupted chunks sometimes happen.

Check the Regenerating Chunks wiki page for procedures to deal with this cases.

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