A Harad pyramid is a large, four-sided triangular structure that spawns in the deserts of Near Harad. At its peak is a giant eye-shaped statue with a pupil of gold (gold block). It is made of Southron brick and some stained clay. There is an entrance at the base of the pyramid on one side, but it is blocked and leads to no chambers.

Despite this, there are still five chambers that can be found within the structure, which means the player will have to mine through layers of brick to access them.


There are five rooms in the pyramid, one being at the top and the other four in each corner. There is one treasure room and four trap rooms in each pyramid. The trap rooms contain a desert scorpion spawner surrounded by stained clay. The treasure room has a chest surrounded by stained clay. Upon opening the chest a Harad Pyramid Wraith will spawn along with some scorpions and attack the player. After defeating the wraith you can open the chest and grab its loot. Only one of the five rooms is a treasure room and it's location is random. You can easily locate the treasure room when you listen closely to the roaring fire, which burns only there.

  • The pyramid from the outside.
  • The chest room at a random location.
  • One of four spawning rooms.
  • The eye at the top of the pyramid.

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