Gundabad Uruk archers are the elite archer units of the Gundabad faction. They are similar to the regular Gundabad Uruks, however, they wield a Gundabad Uruk Bow as opposed to a normal Gundabad Orc weapon. If you are an enemy of Gundabad, keep in mind that these are much more powerful than a regular Gundabad Orc archer.

Behaviour Edit

When idle, Gundabad Uruk archers will wander randomly, but when a mob or player who is an enemy of the Gundabad faction ventures within 16 blocks of one, they will begin an assault, firing arrows at their target. Like other ranged NPCs, they will attempt to keep distance between them and their target. Like most Orcs, they will occasionally engage in skirmishes, albeit not as frequently as their lesser brethren.

Spawning Edit

They spawn in the Misty Mountains and the Grey Mountains at night, and are abundant in the caves under the mountains throughout the day. They will also spawn in Gundabad invasions, which can occur in most western biomes.


They drop Orc bones, rotten flesh, maggoty bread, silver coins, Orc draught, arrows and Uruk Steel ingots, with an occasional chance to drop parts of their armour and the bow that they are equipped with.

Drop Rarity Quantity Image
Rotten Flesh Common 1-2 Rotten Flesh
Orc Bone Common 1 OrcBone
Orc Draught Uncommon 1 Orc Draught
Maggoty Bread Uncommon 1-2 Maggoty Bread
Pouch Uncommon 1 Pouches
Orc Steel Ingot Uncommon 1 Orc Steel Ingot
Gundabad Uruk Bow Rare 1 Gundabad Uruk Bow
Gundabad Chestplate Rare 1 BodyGundabadUruk
Gundabad Leggings Rare 1 LegsGundabadUruk
Gundabad Boots Rare 1 BootsGundabadUruk

Hiring Edit

If you have +400 alignment with Gundabad and 60 silver coins, Gundabad Uruk archers can be yours to command. They can be hired from Gundabad Orc chieftains, which are found in ruined Dwarven towers and Gundabad Orc camps. As always, as one's alignment increases, price decreases.

Advantages Disadvantages
Strong armour and high health Actually have a chance of being weaker, damage wise, than the normal Gundabad Orc
Not weakened by daylight Gundabad Orc archers may spawn with a crossbow, while these Uruks use only Orc Bow
Can be hired almost anywhere in the west Quite expensive
Work well against swimming enemies
Gundabad Shield  The Hosts of Gundabad  Gundabad Banner

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