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This block is an easter egg that refers to Goran, one of the main moderators of the Facebook page. The block can only be obtained through the command

/give @p lotr:tile.goran

Sarngoran is a variant of this, added in Public Beta 30, which is the Goranface imposed over a Sarngaran block. It can be obtained with

/give @p lotr:tile.goran 1 1

The block texture shows a pixelated version of an earlier picture of Goran on Facebook.


The block can be destroyed instantly in survival. When the block is placed on a solid block and is right clicked, this will fill a cubic room of 32 blocks in every direction with water (without destroying existing blocks). The generation and pre-simulation of the water blocks might likely cause a lot of lag and even hold minecraft for some seconds.

Goran's flood.

A perfectly good chunk of land flooded.


Utumno Flooded...

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