Goran is a very well known moderator on facebook, as most wall posts and messages are answered by him. His minecraft username is TheOneGoran. He is also responsible for creating the speechbanks for many mobs and almost all quests. He is the builder of the Underwater Elven Ruin structure. His favorite biome is Lothlorien, and you can find him there on the official server.

He does have a wiki account, and he goes by the name TheOneGoran.

As an easter-egg, there exists a block called "Goran Block".

Tidbits about Goran:

  • Goran is obsessed about Elven culture, and has butted heads with Seb, who loves Dwarves most, and they constantly fight about the evils of each race, although it will usually end up with Seb leaving the conversation.
  • Goran is the inspiration of grow-able giant Mellyrn.
  • Goran is perhaps one of the most pronounced Moderators, having won the first building contest, with the aid of Yorick. Also, he sometimes wields the clover-shield of the Shire contest, but mostly spends his time on the servers smoking pipeweed in Fangorn, firmly remaining neutral in any and all conflicts.
  • It is possible to find a Lindon Elf or a Galadhrim Elf (and also a Utumno orc) named Goran.
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