Gondorian Renegades are the soldiers of Gondor who have become corrupted by the ways of the Dark Lord, Sauron, and have defected from their home country. They are loyal to the Eye, more specifically Umbar, and not the Steward of Gondor.


As with all Umbar units, these units won't attack any player with an alignment that's positive or neutral with Near Harad, as Umbar is a sub-faction of Near Harad. If the player or NPC approaching them isn't friendly with Umbar, then the player of NPC will be attacked by the Renegade using whatever weapon the soldier's holding.


Gondorian Renegades are capable of occasionally spawning in Umbar invasions. They are capable of spawning in Umbar too, but only on very rare occasions; finding one can be extremely difficult, bordering on impossible. The chance of finding one in an invasion is a rough chance of 1 in 3 invasions.


These units can be hired similarly to Shieldmaidens of Rohan. If right clicked by a player they will send the player to kill Gondorians. When the player turns in the quest they will receive both a reward and the Gondorian Renegade as a unit.

Harad Contest Shield  The Southrons of Near Harad  Near Harad Banner

NPCs: Slave
Traders: Merchant
Items: BowEquipmentRobes
Blocks: BasketBrickHaradric crafting table
Structures: ObeliskPyramidAncient Fortress

Umbar Shield  The Corsairs of Umbar  Umbar Banner

NPCs: Umbarians (Archer, Banner Bearer, Soldier, Corsair), Gondorian Renegade
Traders: BartenderFarmerBazaar TradersSlaverCorsair CaptainUmbar Captain
Items: Corsair ArmourUmbaric Armour (Horse) • Umbaric EquipmentCorsair Equipment
Blocks: BrickUmbaric crafting table
Structures: SettlementFortressWatchtowerCorsair CampCorsair Hideout

Near Harad Shield  The Southrons of the Coasts  Near Harad Banner

NPCs: Southrons (Archer, Banner Bearer, Warrior, Champion)
Traders: BartenderFarmerBazaar TradersWarlord
Items: Armour (Horse, Warlord) • Equipment
Blocks: Haradric crafting table
Structures: FortressWatchtowerSettlement

Harnedor Shield  The Harnedhrim of Harnedor  Near Harad Banner

NPCs: Harnedhrim (Archer, Banner Bearer, Warrior, Farmhand)
Traders: Bazaar TradersBartenderFarmerWarlord
Items: Armour
Structures: CampFortressSettlementWatchtower

Nomad Cap  The Nomads of the Great Desert  Southron Nomads Banner

NPCs: Harad Nomad (Archer, Banner Bearer, Guard)
Traders: MerchantBazaar TradersChieftain
Items: Armour
Structures: Settlement

Gulfing Shield  The Gulfings of Khopazul  Gulf of Harad Banner

NPCs: Gulfing (Archer, Banner Bearer, Warrior)
Traders: Bazaar TradersBartenderFarmerWarlord
Items: Armour
Blocks: Gulfen crafting table
Structures: SettlementWatchtowerWar Camp

Sub-biomes: ForestHills
Structures: Settlement
Factions Present: Umbar
Other Mobs:

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