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Fishing is a game mechanic that exists in the vanilla game, but has been changed in the mod.

Possible catchesEdit

Item Type Maximum durability
Fish Fish
Salmon Fish
Clownfish Fish
Pufferfish Fish
Fishing Rod Junk 10%
Wooden Sword Junk 50%
Wooden Axe Junk 50%
Wooden Pickaxe Junk 50%
Wooden Shovel Junk 50%
Wooden Hoe Junk 50%
Gameplay mechanics of the Lord of the Rings Mod

  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.leatherHat), 10, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Items.field_151024_Q), 5, null).setMaxDurability(0.5F));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Items.field_151021_T), 5, null).setMaxDurability(0.5F));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.helmetBone), 2, null).setMaxDurability(0.5F));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.bootsBone), 2, null).setMaxDurability(0.5F));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Items.field_151144_bL, 1, 0), 5, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Items.field_151103_aS), 20, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.orcBone), 10, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.elfBone), 2, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.dwarfBone), 2, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.hobbitBone), 1, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.rottenLog, 1, 0), 10, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Items.field_151116_aA), 10, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Items.field_151007_F), 10, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Items.field_151054_z), 10, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.mug), 10, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Items.field_151122_aG), 5, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Items.field_151055_y), 10, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Items.field_151008_G), 10, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Items.field_151100_aR, 1, 0), 5, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Items.field_151078_bh), 15, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.maggotyBread), 5, null));
  junk.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Blocks.field_150392_bi), 15, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Items.field_151031_f), 20, null).setMaxDurability(0.75F));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Items.field_151112_aM), 20, null).setMaxDurability(0.75F));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.daggerIron), 20, null).setMaxDurability(0.75F));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.daggerBronze), 20, null).setMaxDurability(0.75F));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.silverCoin, 1, 0), 100, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.silverCoin, 1, 1), 10, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.silverCoin, 1, 2), 1, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.pouch, 1, 0), 20, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.pouch, 1, 1), 10, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.pouch, 1, 2), 5, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Items.field_151042_j), 20, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.bronze), 10, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.copper), 10, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.tin), 10, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Items.field_151074_bl), 50, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(Items.field_151043_k), 5, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.silverNugget), 50, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.silver), 5, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.mithrilNugget), 5, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.silverRing), 10, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.goldRing), 5, null));
  treasure.add(new FishingItem(new ItemStack(LOTRMod.mithrilRing), 1, null));


The anglo-saxon ior-rune (= letters IO) means "eel", not included in the Mod. Tolkien used those ᚱᚢᚾᛖᛋ for some texts in the initial drafts of "The Lord of the Rings", later on, he replaced them by cirth runes.

The eel is a river fish and yet it always feeds on land;
it has a fair abode encompassed by water, where it lives in happiness.

Old English rune poem

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