Far Harad mangrove is a biome in the region of Far Harad. It is a swampy region, in parts inundated with murky water out of which sprout the mangrove trees native to the region.

This biome is located around the mouths of the mighty river Haraduin where it washes into the sea. The watery terrain is thus a result of the overflowing of this river into the surrounding lands.

The mangroves are currently void of any civlisation, but in the future, this biome is set to be the home of the Far Haradrim Limwaith people.

Terrain Edit

The Far Harad mangrove is characterised by two main types of terrain: Dry and Wet.

Note that these are not sub-biomes, nor biome variants - they are simply the parts of the biome that are above and below the water level, respectively.

Dry Mangrove Edit

FarHaradMangrove Dry

A dry region of mangrove.

The parts of the mangrove above the water level are composed of dry dirt and sand. Here, many trees grow - including the mangrove tree, an exclusive tree type which can only be found in this biome. Vines hang from many of the trees.

Grass and ferns are common on the ground, and flowers may also be found here, though rarely. The few animals which live in the mangrove are found in its dry parts.

Wet Mangrove Edit

FarHaradMangrove Wet

A wet region of mangrove.

Much of the mangrove biome is below water level. These areas resemble some of the swamp biomes of northern Middle-earth, such as the Nindalf, with murky water and lily pads. Patches of quagmire lurk underwater. Clay can also be found here.

The main difference between the mangrove and other swampy biomes is the amount of trees growing in the water here. Many waterlogged mangrove, acacia, and swamp-oak trees reach out of the depths. There are also dead mangrove trunks in the water.

Structures Edit

Currently, there are no structures in the mangrove biome. This will change when the Limwaith are added to the Mod, but as of yet no official information has been released showing the structures they will have.

Mobs Edit

Animals are only rarely found in the mangrove. Those that do spawn are the same as those in most other Far Harad biomes. These include the following:

Crocodiles, however, spawn very commonly in this biome due to the large amounts of water here.

There are currently no NPCs that spawn in the mangrove, and no factions invade it.

Vegetation Edit

The mangrove tree is exclusive to this biome, and can be found commonly here, both on dry land and in the water. Other tree types that grow here include acacia and swamp-oak trees.

As with most other swamp biomes, lily pads and ferns are a common sight.

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