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Server reopened on June 22nd!Edit

Role applications open on June 27th!Edit

General Information Edit

EoA FA banner

The Server Edit

The First Age Server is made for people who want to experience the First Age of Arda. The timeline of our server begins during the Siege of Angband around F.A 400 (the exact year can be seen on the server), with some custom changes to it. For example, on our server the various Houses of Men have already settled down in F.A. 400. Changes like these are made in order to make the gameplay experience better.

To see the lore of the various factions on our server, please visit HERE

For further contact with us as well as announcements, you are more than welcome to join our Facebook page

Also, join our Discord!

We are a server open to the majority of the community, although roleplay is advised. In our experience, everyone is going to have a much more fun time when they are roleplaying, which is why we are going to set this base line for the server. This does not mean players have to pick lore characters, as custom characers are more than welcome as well. However, roleplay is key and is expected! The greater and more you roleplay, the more we're going to like you in staff, and who knows - maybe it'll trigger a nice gift someday?

Our special version of the LotR mod will update along with the original version, and in future we might update some of our features as well, such as adding in the missing continents of Dark Land as well as the Land of the Sun.

We are more than open to hear your questions, and we hope to see you on the server soon enough!

To play on the server you only need the First Age submod, which can be loaded as single mod file, or accompanied with some selected handy mods in a Technic Pack. To find the correct version that you need to join the server, head down to the "Download Links" section at the buttom of this page.

Commands Edit

The server has a number of dedicated features, some of which require use of special commands. Here's a list of the commands available to all players and a brief explanation on how to use them.

  • /list : This provides a list of all players in-game, listing 'chat channel, prefix, character name, IGN, suffix'. Really handy to check which of your faction members and foes are present and who is immersed in roleplay (and not able to see global, OOC chat).
  • /rp : We have a roleplay chat channel that enables local chat, use /rp to switch in or out of that channel. The channel blocks the normal OOC chat in the chat screen and any conversation in the rp channel is not visible to anyone more than 80 blocks away from you. The rp channel only shows your character name.
  • /nickname : All players can set their own character (nick) name. Use /nickname charactername, to set yours. See rule 16 before using this!
  • /rname : Use /rname charactername to display the IGN of a player.
  • /tpa & /tpahere : All players can use these fast teleportation commands to either go towards another player or teleport another player to you. Use like this: '/tpa(here) playername'. Answer with /tpaccept or /tpdeny. The use of these commands is resticted with a cooldown time of 300 seconds. Note that the default cooldown time is set to 10 minutes for use of player created waypoints with the LOTRmod.
  • /msg : Use this to private message another player. Use /r to reply to the player that last messaged you.
  • /pvp : The base command for the PvP Mode mod. More info on this mod, related commands and the way it is implemented on the server can be found here.

Roleplay and Roles - Role Applications Open on the 27th! Edit

Roleplay is advised (but not a must) and you must therefore apply in order to become a lore character. You are also welcome to apply for a special custom character if you want to, although it is not a necessity to do for custom character, unless it rules a faction. The application must be posted HERE!

In the list below you will find all Lore Characters and Faction Leaders. This means that regular custom roles will not be found in the list below.

Attention! If you one day change from a role in the list below, make sure to inform staff!

roles applications are not yet open

Factions Edit

The official factions of the server, their faction leaders and used NPCs can be found in the list below!

Faction Leader(s) Description
Fëanorians MonsieurCamel Seeking to fulfill the Oath of Fëanor, the Sons of Fëanor and their followers lives in the Eastern parts of Beleriand as they intend to reclaim the Silmarils.
Hithlum Telperonwe A cold yet fertile land in the north of Beleriand. Protected by the ered wethrin it is home to many Noldor who owe their allegiance to Fingolfin, high king of the Noldor and his heir, Fingon who seat at Barad Eithel, always watchful of the threat of Angband.
Gondolin ratking18 Said to be rival to Tirion upon Túna, the marvellous city of seven names is hidden from the enemies sight in the valley of Tumladen, founded by Turgon of Nevrast on the advice of Ulmo.
Nargothrond endertortoise After receiving a vision from Ulmo, king of the sea, Finrod of the house of Finarfin, with the help of the dwarves of Belegost dolve great halls in the west bank of the Narog, hidden from the sight of Morgoth, there Felagund rules over his lands protecting them by means of bow and blade.
Falathrim Upon the shores of western beleriand the Falathrim, elves of the waves have mastered the art of ship-building under guidance of the maia Ossë, it is there that they dwell in their havens of Brithombar and Eglarest. The sindar there are ruled by Círdan, kin of Thingol and great ally.
Doriath Mythrandir01 Known in the common tongue as the land of the fence and kingdom of the Sindar, Doriath is the oldest of the elven kingdoms of Beleriand, established in the great forests that lie in central Beleriand. In the dolven halls of Menegroth here rules Elu Thingol, first and high king of the Lindar, king of Doriath and lord of Beleriand, with his wife Melian, the faerie queen.
Ossiriand The Green-Elves (aka Laiquendi/Laegrim or Danyar/Lindi in their own language) inhabit the lush woods of Ossiriand (Lindând). They have no single ruler, but are lead by an elder council. They vowed fealty to the rule of Thingol, King of Beleriand and their lands are under protection of Doriath.
Nogrod Dolven into the southside of mount dolmed Nogrod is one of the great dwarven kingdoms of the Blue mountains, known for its trade with many other kingdoms and above all its mastersmiths and craftsmen.
Belegost MarcVsGaming In the northface of mount dolmed is hewn the dwarven stronghold and kingdom of Belegost, greatest of the dwarven cities of the Ered Luin, ruled by Azaghâl they are great artisans and masters of stonehewing and building.
Petty Dwarves The Petty Dwarves were a collection of outcasts, Dwarves thrown out of their communities due to a breakage of the rules, or disability. Prior to coming in contact with the Dwarves of the Ered Luin, the Sindar dwelling in Beleriand would hunt Petty Dwarves like animals. Due to this treatment, Petty Dwarves have an immense hatred and fear of Elves.
Estolad Enjoku Ruled by Baran of the House of Bëor, Estolad is a large and fertile plain with some of the best horses in all of Middle Earth.
Brethil When Haleths people emmigrated from beyond the blue mountains, they settled in the forest Brethil, just outside the girdle of Melian, at the behest of King Thingol, who wanted them to guard the rivercrossings of the Teiglin and the ford of Brithiach, they are a hardy people, said to be excellent archers and allies to the Sindar.
Ladros rik1110 Ladros is ruled by Boromir of the House of Bëor and lies close to the border of Dor Daedeloth. The people living here are hardy people, preparing for the day when Evil breaks the Siege of Angband as they are the first line of defence.
Dor-lómin Thule88 Dor-lómin lies in the southwestern parts of Hithlum. Although it was first colonized by the Noldor, it was later given to the Edain of the House of Hador who served Hithlum as their strong allies.
House of Bór The House of Bór are good Easterlings living in the north-eastern parts of Beleriand. They are known for their trade and their tough warriors.
House of Ulfang Skrylfr



The House of Ulfang is led by Ulfang the Black, and lives in the woods of Lothlann in the north-eastern parts of Beleriand.
Angband Olgierd_ A super fortress in the far North created by Melkor, it is home to the all evil... and the most dangerous kind...
Dor Daedeloth Sebrom Dor Daedeloth is a mountainous land surrounding Angband. Many orcs live here as they defend Angband from attacks while the Evil in Angband prepares...
Utumno Remnant The remnant of what was once the great Host of Utumno, these orcs and creatures lay hidden in the wastes of Forodwaith, awaiting their master's call.

Staged sieges and battles Edit

Our server hosts a number of permanent battlegrounds that are used for training and general fun. People can choose either of (generally) two sides taking it on against other groups of players with a number of preset kits for each side. Players have no risk of losing anything and these stages battles are to be considered not part of the server roleplay. Admins host staged battles on an almost daily basis. The server uses the excellent SiegeMode mod by Mevans for this purpose. During these sieges it is illegal to place heads and blood. It will only ruin the map!

Rules of the Server Edit

Supporting the ServerEdit

Donations Edit

The server has powerful hardware, software and high quality support from our hosts at Akliz. This is rather costly but worth it. In case people wish to support the server with donations they can do it by contacting TepelStreeltje.

Spread the word Edit

The server is promoted on the server lists and forum mentioned below. We encourage all players who feel happy about the server to vote on a regular basis, give diamonds, subscribe and favorite our submission pages or share their positive experiences in comments. This will increase the exposure of the server to the eyes of potentially interested players.

Players can secure a daily voting income of 70 coins and 7 gold ingots. Votes are rewarded in-game instantly, and only when voting while logged in. The coin and gold are meant to be helpful for acquiring both banner protection and coin for buying or smithing decent gear throughout the game. Each vote is rewarded with 10 coins and a gold ingot.

Players can also get a one-time reward for giving our page at PMC a diamond. As we value those a lot, we reward those with 200 coins and 2 gold blocks. This reward system is monitored and managed by Alte.

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Staff Edit

On-the-scenes Staff: Edit


Project Administrators:

  • Tarandirion
  • MyrFlora
  • deathmuffin (After trial period)

Lore Administrators:

  • Noloite (Turammarth)
  • Mythrandir01 (After trial period)


  • King_Thirras
  • _Durin_I


  • deathmuffin77
  • Mythrandir01

Discord Moderators:

Wikia Moderator:

Facebook Moderator:

Behind-the-scenes Staff: Edit


FA Mod coder and Serviceman:

Serverside Mod coder and the Sun King of France:

We are very satisfied with our current Team, please do not ask to become a Staff-Member!

Download Links Edit

To download the submod, use this link (do note the sub-mod gets updated every now and then, adding in new content for the players to play with):

To download the submod on the Technic Launcher, use this link (managed by Jerlag01):

Terms and Use Edit

In 2016 the Eras of Arda team requested and acquired approval from Mevans, author and owner of the Lord of the Rings mod for Minecraft (LOTRmod), to create submods for First and Second Age servers, to create submods in for server worlds by overriding or even modifying parts of the LOTRmod that code for a.o. (non-exclusive list!): map, biomes, faction alignments, textures and texts.
The EOA team is honoured to have the opportunity to create FA and SA submods and wishes to express our determination to set the same high standards for our mod development as used and carried out by the LOTRmod mod team. We intend to ensure that any modifications we implement in the submods will minimally conflict with planned features of the LOTRmod, and that gameplay wise, the submods will not or only to very limited extent differ from the LOTRmod.
We hope, but not expect, that our efforts to create FA and SA worlds will be appreciated by Mevans and his mod team, and at some point may lead to exchange of ideas and features with respect to FA and SA LOTRmod creation.
The SA and FA submods and servers are created and developed by the Eras of Arda team. Any part of their publications may not be used in any sort, other than singleplayer Minecraft worlds, without the explicit approval of the Owner of the Eras of Arda server(s).

Special Thanks Edit

A big thanks to our primary Modders, Valiec, for creating a modded LOTRmod, and Timgodreuil, for creating a special serverside mod for us!

In addition to this, a huge thanks to _Devil, High King Ithilion, Calanon Evergreen, Faenor of the Silver Laurel, Mythrandir01, since_rod, Skrylfr, Sindavar and Mr_Dalek for supplying us with some of the many custom textures.

We would also like to give our thanks to the LotR mod team, for helping us through this process.

A massive thanks to the creators of this community, PredatorFish, also known as BronnBlackwater and PredatorWhale also known as CptArthos. We truly thank them for what they've done for us and this community.

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