Easterling Fire-throwers are a very unique ranged unit. They are similar to regular warriors but instead of a melee weapon, they are equipped with fire-pots, which light their targets on fire.


Fire-throwers will spawn in Rhúdel at any time of day, on top of grass blocks. However, they are significantly rarer than most other Easterling units.


When idle, Fire-throwers will wander their lands at random, but should a player or NPC that is an enemy of Rhúdel approach, they will attack from a distance by repeatedly throwing fire-pots at their target, each projectile lighting the targeted NPC or player on fire. If the enemy draws too close, they will switch to a dagger and fight like any other melee unit.


Fire-throwers can be hired for 60 (6coinX) coins from a Easterling Warlord, if the player's alignment is at least +300 with the Rhúdel faction. They make for a very useful addition to one's army, due to their ability to incapacicate enemy NPCs with a single shot of their unique weapons.

Advantages Disadvantages
Sets targets on fire Quite expensive
Both melee and ranged attack Weak melee attack with short range
Can damage multiple targets at the same time


These units will often drop bones upon death, and occasionally a fire-pot or a piece of their armour.

Drop Rarity Quantity Image
Bone Common 1 Bone
Pouch Uncommon 1 Pouches
Rhûnic Fire-pot Rare 1 Fire-pot
Rhûnic Helmet Rare 1 Rhûnic Helmet
Rhûnic Chestplate Rare 1 Rhûnic Chestplate
Rhûnic Leggings Rare 1 Rhûnic Leggings
Rhûnic Boots Rare 1 Rhûnic Boots
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