Dwarven ale is a faction-specific alcoholic drink of the Dwarves. In spite of it being one of the weaker alcoholic beverages in the mod, its effects cause drunkenness for up to 1:30 minutes depending on the potency of the brew and the alcohol tolerance of the player.


Dwarven ale is brewable using three water buckets, four bushels of wheat, and two dwarfwort plants in a barrel. The brewing comprises five potency steps: weak, light, moderate, strong, and potent. With each step, the alcoholicity of the ale is increased.

brewing recipe
Water Bucket
Water Bucket
Water Bucket
Dwarven Ale


Dwarven ale can be found in barrels in houses and towers. This also includes the houses and strongholds of the Blue Mountains. Surprisingly enough, Dwarven ale may also be bought from Southron drink traders in bazaars.


In the manner of all alcoholic beverages, Dwarven ale will partly restore the player's hunger bar when drunk; the hunger points restored depend upon the potency of the ale. But with increasing potency, the chance that the Nausea effect will be inflicted upon the player increases, and the effect's duration gets longer. This can only be prevented by buiding up alcohol tolerance.

Potency Alcoholicity Hunger Restored
Weak 1% 1food
Light 2% 2food
Moderate 4% 3food
Strong 8% 6food
Potent 12% 9food

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