Dunlending houses are structures that spawn in Dunland. Their exterior is made of Spruce or Oak wood and the floor is made of stone-based blocks such as bricks, clay, or cobblestone. They contain a chest, bed, Dunlending Crafting Table, regular crafting table and furnace. There is a fire beneath the floor situated below the chimney. A Dunlending spawns inside the house.

Formerly, the house could be home to a Dunlending Warlord instead, from whom you could hire warriors. You could tell a warlord's house apart from a normal house in two ways: there was a skull hanging in a frame above the door, and there were skulls on posts outside the front of the house. Since Beta 15, this is no longer the case, and Dunlending Warlords now spawn in a Dunland Hill Fort. Which is simliar to a rohirrim fort, and encorperates the same skulls on the front as the warlord house did previously.


Dunland Shield  The Wildmen of Dunland  Dunland Banner

NPCs: Dunlending (Axe-thrower, Banner Bearer, Berserker, Bowman, Warrior)
Traders: BartenderWarlord
Items: ArmourEquipment
Blocks: BasketCrafting Table
Structures: CampfireHill FortHouseTavern