But for all their hatred the Dunlendings were still afraid of the Rohirrim if they met face to face, and they were also less skilled in warfare and less well armed. [...] They were without body-armour, having only among them a few hauberks gained by theft or in loot.

Unfinished Tales, The Battles Of The Fords Of Isen

There is not much Dunlending Equipment included in the mod. The Dunlendings mostly use stone and iron tools or weapons. But there are two special weapons, that can only be crafted on the Dunlending crafting table using wood and iron ingots.

Crafting RecipesEdit

Both crafting recipes use a Dunlending crafting table. The club is crafted with three planks of any kind in a vertical formation. The Trident is crafted like an iron pike.

Dunlending ClubEdit

Damage Speed Reach Knockback
5 (5hearts) 65% 100% +1

A crude and cheap melee weapon, with low attack speed, and regular reach. The only advantages are an increased knockback and an impressing look. In the code, the Dunlending club is defined as a warhammer, since it is used in a similar manner.

Dunlending crafting recipe
Dunlending Crafting
any wood planks
any wood planks
any wood planks
Dunlending Club

Dunlending TridentEdit

Damage Speed Reach Knockback
7 (7hearts) 68% 150% Normal
Dunlending crafting recipe
Dunlending Crafting
any stick
Iron Ingot
any stick
Iron Ingot
Iron Ingot
Dunlending Trident

A Dunlending Trident is a three-pronged melee weapon sometimes wielded by Dunlendings. It inflicts +6 attack damage and has an extra reach modifier that gives it a reach similar to that of a spear.

Fishing Edit

In addition, the player can use it to catch fish. In order to fish with it, you must right-click and then release on a body of water, and sooner or later you will catch a fish. Doing this successfully earns you the achievement "Catch of the Day". Note that every attempt to catch a fish counts as a use on the trident's durability. As the trident uses less of its durability per use than a vanilla fishing rod, it is a long-lasting variant and can therefore be considered more useful.

History Edit

In the past (before Beta 24) the trident was also able to pick up junk and treasure items similarity to a fishing rod but this has been removed. It was also faster before, as simply pressing an holding the right-click button was enough to catch something. It was changed because it was seen as too easy to obtain treasure this way, notably enchanted books.

Magic Edit

As said above, it is no longer possible to catch magic items with it. But you can enchant a trident by combining it with magic books in an anvil or putting it into an enchantment table. Unfortunately, you can only put the normal weapon enchants on it, and not the fishing enchants. You can also put the mod's Modifiers on it, most of which offer the same abilities as the vanilla enchants.


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