Dunlending bartenders are trade-able NPCs that can be found in taverns in Dunland. They can be distinguished from normal Dunlendings by their filthy apron and the silver coin that they hold.

When the player completes a trade with a Dunlending bartender, they gain the achievement "Fine Dining".

Behavior Edit

Dunlending bartenders tend to stay in the back end of their tavern out of harm's way, faithfully serving their kinsmen food and drink.

Unlike most Dunlendings, a bartender will not target foes of Dunland. However, if anything (including the player) attacks bartenders, they will fight back with the fists.

Drops Edit

Dunlending bartenders can drop bones, like other human NPCs, as well as various types of food and drink, and empty mugs. Occasionally, a bartender may drop some gold nuggets.

Trading Edit

You can trade with a Dunlending bartender as long as you do not have a negative Dunland alignment.

Dunlending bartenders offer a variety of hearty foods and drinks, including meat, bread, and many kinds of alcoholic beverages for a reasonable price.

They will buy ingredients such as raw meat and wheat from you, as well as clay plates and mugs.

2014-08-04 16.47.08

An example of a Dunlending bartender's trading panel.

Items Sold Edit

Below is a table of values for each item that the player is available to purchase from this NPC. Use this table to find out if your bartender is giving you a good deal or not. Each bartender will not have every item listed for sale.

Items Sold Price Range Image
Mug 1-3 (1coinI to 3coinI) Mug
Cermaic Mug 1-3 (1coinI to 3coinI) CeramicMug
Waterskin 1-3 (1coinI to 3coinI) Waterskin
Plate 1-3 (1coinI to 3coinI) Plate
2 x Baked Potato 5-9 (5coinI to 9coinI) PotatoBaked
Bread 4-7 (4coinI to 7coinI) Bread
Cooked Chicken 5-9 (5coinI to 9coinI) ChickenCooked
Cooked Fish 4-8 (4coinI to 8coinI) FishCooked
Cooked Porkchop 5-9 (5coinI to 9coinI) PorkchopCooked
Cooked Rabbit 4-8 (4coinI to 8coinI) RabbitCooked
Gammon 5-9 (5coinI to 9coinI) Gammon
Cooked Mutton 5-9 (5coinI to 9coinI) CookedMutton
Rabbit Stew 7-13 (7coinI to 1coinX3coinI) Rabbit Stew
Steak 5-9 (5coinI to 9coinI) Steak
Cooked Venison 5-9 (5coinI to 9coinI) CookedVenison
Ale (Moderate) 6-10 (6coinI to 1coinX) Ale
Cider (Moderate) 6-10 (6coinI to 1coinX) Cider
Mead (Moderate) 6-12 (6coinI to 1coinX2coinI) Mead
Rum (Moderate) 8-16 (8coinI to 1coinX6coinI) Rum
Apple Juice 4-8 (4coinI to 8coinI) AppleJuice

Items Bought Edit

Below is a table of values for each item that the player can sell to this NPC. Use this table to earn more money by only selling when the prices are high. You will not be able to sell every item to every bartender as each bartender will not want to purchase every item listed below.

Items Bought Price Range Image
2 x Potato 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) Potato
2 x Wheat 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) Wheat
Clay Mug 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) ClayMug
Clay Plate 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) ClayPlate
Raw Beef 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) RawBeef
Raw Chicken 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) ChickenRaw
Raw Fish 1-3 (1coinI to 3coinI) Fish
Raw Porkchop 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) RawPorkchop
Raw Rabbit 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) RawRabbit
Raw Mutton 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Mutton
Raw Venison 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Venison
Leather 1-3 (1coinI to 3coinI) Leather
Salt 8-16 (8coinI to 1coinX6coinI) Salt

Speech Bank Edit

These traders have been around the block and know a thing or two., and who not to trade with too! Any enemy of he strawheads (with a coin or two) is welcome in their pubs! However if a drunken idiot or strawhead stumbles in, a bar brawl will insue!


  • Greetings, Person!
  • Welcome, Person! What can I get for you today?
  • Welcome to The Ruddy Arms, Person!
  • Welcome to The Ruddy Arms.
  • This is The Ruddy Arms, the finest tavern in all of Dunland!
  • No Strawheads allowed in here!
  • Food? Drink? A song? What is it you want, Person?
  • I'll give you a good meal or a drink for just a few silver coins.
  • Want anything to eat or drink, Person? I just need some silver coins.
  • And here's Person! What can I do for you today?
  • You looking for a drink?
  • This tavern may be filthy, but the grub's second to none!
  • We Dunlendings like our drink, Person.
  • Got any silver coins?
  • Our ale is the fines ale in all the lands!
  • Welcome, Person! Enjoy your stay!
  • Thirsty? Our ale will satisfy all your needs! Ha! Ha!
  • For a few silver coins you can get your hands on the finest drink in Middle-earth!
  • Welcome stranger! You come to the best tavern with the finest ale in all of Dunland!
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