The Dorwinion House is a structure found in the lands of Dorwinion.


These structures have two stories, and are built primarily of Dorwinion Brick, Hardened Clay and Wooden Beams. They are roofed with a variety of differently coloured tiling. The exterior is also decorated with leaves, particularly, under Windows.


The interior of these homes, are also beautiful and lavishly decorated. Both the first and and second floors feature lots of fine food and drink, as well as chests, Crafting Tables and Beds.


Dorwinion Shield  The Men and Elves of Dorwinion  Dorwinion Banner

NPCs: Elves (Warrior) Men (Crossbower, Guard, Vinehand)
Traders: Captain (Elven) • MerchantVinekeeper
Items: Armour (Elven) • Equipment
Blocks: BrickCrafting TableGrapevine Post
Structures: BathhouseBreweryCampGardenHouse (Elven)

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