The Dorwinion Elven Bow is a bow used by the elves of Dorwinion to deter intruders. This bow has increased range and damage, making it one of the more powerful bows. However, the draw speed of this bow is on the low side, thus you fire your bow less frequently than some other bows.


Draw Time (ticks) Damage Range
20 8-14 (8hearts to 10hearts4hearts) 140%


The Dorwinion Elven bow can be crafted on a Dorwinion crafting table using elven steel and string.

Dorwinion crafting recipe
Dorwinion Crafting
Elven Steel Ingot
Elven Steel Ingot
Elven Steel Ingot
Dorwinion Elven Bow
Dorwinion Shield  The Men and Elves of Dorwinion  Dorwinion Banner

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