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The beautiful land of Dorwinion is home to both men and elves.

Faction LoreEdit

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The Men and Elves of Dorwinion survive these days in harmony with their neighbors, profiting from trade and friendship with those around them. Though foes of Dol Guldur and the Wainriders, the Dark Lord has not yet ordered their destruction, and so the men of Rhúdel and the Balchoth do not attack them. However, war looms on the horizon, and should the Dorwidhrim not ally themselves to the Shadow, their small realm will be destroyed by the wild men of the East.


The Dorwidhrim's sphere of influence is centered around their homeland, as well as Bardhaven, whom they apparently trade with often.

Sphere Dorwinion

The Men and Elves of Dorwinion are enemies with all of the orc factions, and allies with their trade partners in the Woodland realm.

Inter-faction relations

•Woodland Realm •Blue Mountains

•Dúnedain of the North
•Durin's Folk
•High Elves
•Near Harad


•Dol Guldur

Dorwinion Shield  The Men and Elves of Dorwinion  Dorwinion Banner

NPCs: Elves (Warrior, Archer) Men (Crossbower, Guard, Vinehand)
Traders: Captain (Elven) • MerchantVinekeeper
Items: Armour (Elven) • Equipment
Blocks: BrickCrafting TableGrapevine Post
Structures: BathhouseBreweryCampGardenHouse (Elven)