Desert scorpions are hostile mobs found in the deserts of Near Harad, and are similar to the jungle scorpions of Far Harad.


Desert scorpions are currently one of the only two mobs (the other being camels) to spawn in the Near Harad desert. They come out in the cool hours of the night and hide from the intense heat of the sun during the day.


They will attack any living creature and inflict a poison effect upon contact with their venomous sting, alike to the bite of the green Mirkwood spiders. They'll also come in different sizes. The bigger they are, the more damage they deal and the stronger they are, though they move significantly slower than their smaller counterparts. Running into a single scorpion is quite harmless, but being caught by a bigger group might be lethal for the player.


Poison can be obtained from them by right clicking a scorpion with an empty glass bottle (see Bottle of Poison). When killed they drop a random amount of rotten flesh (Rotten Flesh).

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