We = the staff team
I = Mahtaran, owner of this server
Dawn of the War is a really roleplay heavy server. But really, hardcore roleplay.

Staff Edit

Here are all the staff team members:

IGN Name Rank
Mahtaran Luka Owner
Speedie72 Joonas Co-Owner
Limerod Lucas Admin
SsuperSimon Simon Admin
Cello_Stijn Stijn Moderator

Here are some people that are known by the staff team for being good, helpful and active in the community:

IGN Name

Rules Edit

General Rules Edit

In the Dawn of the War server, we have set some basic rules that everyone should understand. Just don't do this, and there is almost no chance that you will get banned

  • No hacking/cheating/griefing/spamming/heavy swearing (See "Swearing")
  • Allowed mods are listed under the "Mods" section
  • That's all! Simple, isn't it? :D

Roleplay Rules Edit

Now, this is pretty advanced, so read carefully. I also suggest you read the "Roleplay" section.

  • You have allies, enemies and frenemies (like the elves and dwarves). This can change quickly (See "Relationships"), so I suggest you come back to this page every week, or subscribe so you get notified if something changes.
  • Your in-game enemies aren't your real life enemies, so stay polite.

PvP Rules Edit

  • Everything is allowed, except placing blocks in front of players and nerd polling
  • If you have nothing else, you may use gear of another faction. However, if you have the resources, you should get gear from your faction, or neutral (Bronze, Gold, Mithril etc.) gear.
  • 2 players (or more) can engage in a PvP fight. For that, you and your opponent should both agree. This is how to prepare for a PvP battle:
  1. Execute the command /me wants to battle <targetname>. Replace <targetname> with the name of the player you want to battle.
  2. Then, your opponent has 2 choices. Accept the challenge, and execute /me accepts the challenge from <challengername>, or reject, by either executing the command /me doesn't want to fight or not reacting at all (please say something back)
  3. Then, the challenger and target choose a place and rules and fight!
  4. If you want multiple people, just add names after the /me or <targetname|challengername>, like this: /me and otherperson want to battle person1 and person2
  5. You can always reject, you aren't a coward if you don't want to fight.
  6. Any PvP outside this system and sieges is disallowed and bannable, except if someone walks into your base without you giving them permission to do so, and only after 3 times warning them in chat (with at least 1 minute between each warn).
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