Dark Times is a whitelisted server for people who make YouTube videos using the Lord of the Rings mod.

Click here to join the public discord server for Dark Times; we post our latest videos on the server, and all of the members are a part of the server. Interested in joining? The Discord server has all the information!

Baccar Wozat, TheSmileBC, Sir_Wung, Inditorias, ShadowsEmissary, Olinus10, Noovbl, The_Witch_King and KMA's Korner, and Arcen101 are current members.

mindofmike, Impossiperson, Xander Witch, and Jeff_the_MC_Pro, TaunTaun777, TheColdFront, TheMrBaggins, and Chazrad are former members.

TheMrBaggins, TheColdFront and mindofmike may still join the server when they wish, but are prevented from joining in with group activities because of real life.

The Server is currently on Season 4 (based on Wozat's Series), with the first season being on the official server, and the second, third, and fourth seasons being on their own separate server, the official Dark Times server.