Special order for Pablo!

Mevans on the creation of the dalish pastry

The Dalish pastry is a food item added in Public Beta 20. It is similar to other cakes in that it must be placed on a solid block to eat. It can be eaten from six times, each time restoring 2 (2food) hunger points. The name 'Dalish pastry' is a joke referring to the fact that the real life Danish pastries were a special order for Pablo. The word 'Dalish' may mean made by the men of Dale.

Crafting Edit

The Dalish pastry can be crafted on a Dalish crafting table using two bowls of maple syrup, one bucket of milk, one egg, two raisins and three wheat in the formation shown here.

Dalish crafting recipe
Dalish Crafting
Maple Syrup
Maple Syrup
Dalish Pastry


Surprisingly, the Dalish pastry can also be purchased from a baker around 12 (1coinX2coinI) per pie. Because each pastry can be eaten six times, it can make a good source of food, costing 2 (2coinI) per 2 (2food) hunger points.

Food of Middle-earth

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