Dalish Merchants are Travelling Traders that are allied with the Dale faction. Unlike most traders, these wander the lands of Middle Earth, appearing in a wide array of regions, rather than being bound to a specific structure.


As with most traders, Dalish Merchants will not attack evil players or NPC's unless provoked. When that happens, they will use the same weapons as a Dalish Levyman to defend themselves. For defensive purposes, they will spawn accompanied by a few Dalish Levymen on their travels, which will attack enemies of Dale on sight.


To trade with a Dalish Merchant, you need to have at least a neutral alignment with Dale. They will buy and sell many of the items bought and sold by the Dalish BlacksmithDalish Baker and even the Iron Hill Merchants.

Upon trading with a Dalish Merchant, the player earns the achievement "Gifts of Dale".

Items soldEdit

Items Sold Price Range Image
Dalish helmet 18-33 (1coinX8coinI to 3coinX3coinI) HelmetDale
Dalish chestplate 25-46 (2coinX5coinI to 4coinX6coinI) BodyDale
Dalish leggings 21-39 (2coinX1coinI to 3coinX9coinI) LegsDale
Dalish boots 18-33 (1coinX8coinI to 3coinX3coinI) BootsDale
Dalish dagger 8-16 (8coinI to 1coinX6coinI) DaggerDale
Dalish spear 12-22 (1coinX2coinI to 2coinX2coinI) Dalish Spear
Dalish sword 11-20 (1coinX1coinI to 2coinX) SwordDale
Dalish battleaxe 12-22 (1coinX2coinI to 2coinX2coinI) BattleaxeDale
Dalish pike 12-22 (1coinX2coinI to 2coinX2coinI) PikeDale
Dalish longbow 14-26 (1coinX4coinI to 2coinX6coinI) DaleBow
Dalish horse armour 18-33 (1coinX8coinI to 3coinX3coinI) HorseArmorDale
Dwarven sword 14-26 (1coinX4coinI to 2coinX6coinI) SwordDwarven
Dwarven battleaxe 17-31 (1coinX7coinI to 3coinX1coinI) Dwarven Battleaxe
Dwarven Warhammer 17-31 (1coinX7coinI to 3coinX1coinI) HammerDwarven
Dalish Cracker 7-13 (7coinI to 1coinX3coinI) DalishCracker
4 x Arrow 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Arrow
Dalish Pastry 8-16 (8coinI to 1coinX6coinI) Dalish Pastry
Cram 7-13 (7coinI to 1coinX3coinI) Cram
Dwarven Ale(Light) 7-13 (7coinI to 1coinX3coinI) DwarvenAle
Dwarven Ale (Moderate) 10-18 (1coinX to 1coinX8coinI) DwarvenAle
Dwarven Ale (Strong) 13-23 (1coinX3coinI to 2coinX3coinI) DwarvenAle
Vodka (Light) 4-8 (4coinI to 8coinI) Vodka
Vodka (Moderate) 6-12 (6coinI to 1coinX2coinI) Vodka
Vodka (Strong) 8-16 (8coinI to 1coinX6coinI) Vodka

Items boughtEdit

Items Bought Price Range Image
Iron ingot 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Iron Ingot
2 x Coal 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) Coal
Gold ingot 11-20 (1coinX1coinI to 2coinX) Gold Ingot
Bronze Ingot 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Bronze Ingot
Copper Ingot 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Copper
Tin Ingot 2-4 (2coinI to 4coinI) Tin
Bread 1-3 (1coinI to 3coinI) Bread
Mug 1-3 (1coinI to 3coinI) Mug
2 x Potato 1-1 (1coinI to 1coinI) Potato

Speech Bank Edit


  • Greetings, Person! I come from the Kingdom of Dale.
  • The Kingdom of Dale sends its best regards, and its finest goods!
  • What is it that you would like to buy today, Person?
  • I have some very fine goods indeed.
  • Dalish craftwork is unlike any other in Middle-earth.
  • Cram, Person. Some good cram is what you need.
  • Come, Person, browse my wares.
  • You surely don't need all that silver.
  • I'm sure I have something that would interest you.
  • You look like a wealthy person, Person! Come and see what Dale can offer you.


  • There shall be no cram for you, Person!
  • Villain! I shall sell you nothing of mine.
  • You would be most unwelcome in the Kingdom of Dale!
  • What do you take me for, Person, a common rogue? I will not trade with you!
  • You are no friend of Dale!
  • Away with you, scoundrel!


  • Hurry, Person, for I shall be leaving soon.
  • This is your last chance to buy the crafts of Dale!
  • Quickly, Person. I will soon be gone!
  • Hurry. I am leaving soon!
  • If you want some Dalish treasures, you had better hurry up!
  • The cram will soon be on its way! Come quickly!

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