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The Kingdom of Dale is the largest and most powerful state of Northmen. They reside between the Celduin And Carnen Rivers, with their capital in the city of Dale, located between the Lonely Mountain and Esgaroth, a prosperous city through trade gained cooperation between Erebor, Dorwinion and the Woodland Realm.

Dale will be split into 2 sub-factions; the Bardings of Dale and the Lake-men of Esgaroth. Though the Lake-men have not been added to the mod, they will probably be a sub-faction of Dale.

History Edit

It is said that in their beginning, the Northmen Rhovanion had dwelt all across Wilderland, and were a rustic folk, living in small homesteads, and wielding mainly light bows. The men eventually gained alliance with the Dwarves of Durin's Folk. From this they profited, gaining the skill of metalworking, while providing the Dwarves with horsed scouts. 

But after the fall of Eregion in the Second Age, they were scattered by Orcs and savage Easterlings, and reduced to a primitive folk of cave and wood. However, when Sauron was driven back and banished, they were eventually able to recover, forming the many small princedoms found by the Kingdom of Gondor. By warring with the Easterlings, Gondor had brought a long peace to these people and favoured them. They later proved themselves as loyal allies. 

475px-Matěj Čadil - Dale

The city of Dale

One of these was the Kingdom of Dale, in the North.  Little of said of this small realm, which eventually expanded to all the land between Celduin and Carnen. Their numbers were swelled when the folk of Rhovanion, having lost wars against the Easterlings and Wainriders, fled over the Celduin to join their ranks. There they joined the Town of Dale beneath the Lonely Mountain, and Esgaroth upon the Long Lake.

 The Dwarves of Durin's Folk arrived to the Lonely Mountain in TA 1999, after thousands of years of sunder. There a profitable trade economy spung up between the Dwarves and Men. Their prosperity increased further in the time of Thrór, whose people found much gold. Dale was enriched, and filled with golden bells, and the smiths of the Dwarves were held in awe. Many men were apprenticed to them to learn their work, and the men of Dale became famed toymakers. All had a share in the wealth of the mountain, for Esgaroth and Dale became very rich, and a sort of trade hub in the north, with their wealth flowing to Dorwinion, the Iron Hills, and even Bree.

J.R.R. Tolkien - Lake Town (Colored by H. E. Riddett)

Lake-Town on the Long Lake

 But in 2770, during the time of Lord Girion in Dale, Smaug attacked and occupied the Lonely Mountain, driving out Thror and his son and grandson. He then came to the city of Dale, and slew its army. After that he would come, eating its inhabitants, and soon Girion was slain, and the remaining townsfolk fled to Esgaroth, now called Lake-town. Dale fell into ruin. The people lived a poor, impoverished existence until the coming of Thorin Oakenshield, who promised the Men a share in the wealth of Erebor. They aided his passage across the Lake. But what they recieved in return was dragon-fire and ruin: Smaug came from Erebor and burnt Lake-town. But even as the town fell into ruin, Bard of the line of Girion, captain of the guard, shot Smaug with his black arrow. Smaug fell, and his corpse sank in the water. But never would any man dive for the gems that lay about his skeleton, nor pass over that spot.

Anke Eißmann - Bard the Bowman

Bard the Bowman readies his Black Arrow

The Men of Lake-town then besieged the Mountain, with the Elves of the Wood. Thorin was fey, and refused to give them a share in the treasure. He called upon his kin in the Iron Hills, and battle was nearly joined. But a host of Orcs that none had foreseen came out of the North, and the three peoples prepared to defend. A few bowmen were strung out in the vanguard, to slow the Orcish advance. The rest of the Men of the Lake, with their long swords, prepared with the Dwarves on the Eastern spur. They were holding off the Orcs, until a company of them snuck around the Mountain and began to attack the flanks. Then Thorin came from Erebor, and all the free peoples flocked to his banner. But they were surrounded, and Thorin fell, and the battle looked ill, until the Eagles of the North came, as did Beorn of the Vale. He slew the Orcish leader and drove off the remnants of their host, who perished in the River.

Battle of five armies men of esgaroth by tulikoura-d52jk7z

Valiant Men of the Lake in the Battle of Five Armies

After the Battle of Five Armies and the recovery of the riches of the former lord (for Dain, the new King under the Mountain, gave freely), Bard became quite wealthy. In 2944 he used his wealth to founded the Kingdom of Dale again, and he was crowned as King Bard of Dale. Dale was restored and filled with golden bells, and the Dwarves of Erebor created great aqueducts, and waterways, and fountains, and streets paved with many colors. After King Bard died in 2977 his son King Bain reigned. As the end of the Third Age approached the growing realm extended far to the south and east of Esgaroth.

Dale has recovered from the days of the Dragon, and their lands spread from the Celduin to the Carnen once more. Esgaroth is remade larger and fairer further up the lake, and though the old master Died a bad end, the current Master is good and just. They have the alliance of the Dwarves of Erebor and the Iron Hills, and are wealthy and happy, their toys famed throughout the land. But there are stirrings in the East: the Wild Men are restless, and it may be that Dale must go to war again to keep their borders safe. If that must be, then they will do so with pride, knowing that they are the heirs of Dale and that this is their home.

Alignment Edit

Inter-faction relations

•Durin's Folk


•Blue Mountains

•Dúnedain of the North
•High Elves
•Near Harad
•Woodland Realm


•Dol Guldur

NPCs Edit

Dalish armies are still up to the challenge of fending off any orcs or Easterlings wandering near their borders.

Dalishman - The citizens of the Kingdom, they are of Northmen descent and live between the Celduin and the Carnen.

Dalish Levyman - The militias of the townships and the armed peasants of Dale, raised up to fight off invading armies. They wield a selection of leather, iron, gambesons and bronze armour and different Dalish and iron/bronze weapons.

Dalish Soldier - The trained and well armed soldiers of the kingdom, sworn to protect the nation. They use Dalish equipment and have a cavalry variant.

Dalish Longbowman - The specialist archers of Dale which use the Dalish longbow and Dalish equipment.

Dalish Captain - The leaders of the Dalish military and fortresses. Found in Dalish Fortresses.

Dalish Merchant - The travelers that bring Dalish goods to the world!

Dalish Baker - The masters of culinary cooking and magical pastries. They sell different food items and can be found in bakeries.

Dalish Blacksmith - Smiths that buy metals and sell Dalish equipment. Found in Dalish Blacksmitheries.

Dalish Banner Bearer - Banner bearers of Dale. A variant of the Dalish Soldier.

Structures Edit

Three structures generate here, alongside various ruins.

  • Dalish Fortress- Small fortresses that generate throughout Dale. They contain Dalish Soldiers and bowmen aplenty, as well as a Dalish Captain. A furnace, beds, crafting tables, chests, and barrels can be found inside this three-gated stronghold. In the middle of the structure is a small obelisk.
  • Dalish Watchtower- Small towers that generate throughout Dale. They contain Dalish Soldiers and Levymen, as well as chests, beds, crafting tables, and barrels of alcohol.
  • Dalish Village- Groups of structures that generate throughout Dale. They are very similar to vanilla villages, in that they have groups of a varying number of houses, which contain small courtyards, a bed, a chest, crafting tables, a smithy, some food, and a cauldron. Villages can also include a Dalish Smithy, which contain furnaces, forges, crafting tabes, cauldrons, an anvil, some lava, upper living quarters, and a Blacksmith; and/or a Dalish Bakery, which contain lots of pastries, a crafting table, furnaces, a fireplace, a cauldron, and a Dalish Baker. These are centered around a small tower, which is simply decorative.

Dalish Items Edit

Dalish Armour

Dalish Brick


Dalish Cracker

Dale Shield  The Northmen of Dale  Dale Banner

NPCs: Dalishman (Banner Bearer, Levyman, Longbowman, Soldier)
Traders: BakerBlacksmithCaptainMerchant
Items: Armour (Gambeson) • CrackerCramEquipmentRolling Pin
Blocks: BrickCrafting Table
Structures: FortressVillageWatchtower

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