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The purpose of this page is to set a guideline range for currency values on a server. It is highly a work in progress, and needs lots of work. The list is compiled off of the average of trader prices. To reiterate; This list is NOT a "I think that this price makes sense, so let's put it," more a "The traders sell this item at this average price, so that range is what goes in the table." To reiterate again, Traders must sell the item at the average price added to the list, NOT what people generally sell things for on a server.

Item Price Min. Price Max. Most Common Price
Iron 3 3 3
Gold 12 19 15-16
Bronze 3 4 3
Tin 1 2 2
Copper 1 2 2
Mithril Nugget - - -
Golden apple 14 24 ~20
Elanor 1 4 2
Niphredil 1 4 2
Raw Beef 2 4 3
Raw Rabbit 2 3 3
Raw Chicken 2 3 3
Raw Pork 2 4 3
Mango 7 14 8-9

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