The Corsair Coasts are rocky cliffs on the western edge of Far Harad. Formerly the Rocky Coast biome, these coasts feature tall cliffs, steep drops, and many small streams, creating a maze in which the Corsairs of Umbar hide their treasures.

Structures Edit

The Coasts contain the structures of the Corsairs of Umbar, who use the land as a staging ground for raids into Far Harad. Long ago, the Black Numenoreans used the coasts for the same purpose, but no structures of theirs remain.

  • Corsair Camp - Small camps that contain four tents, which contain a reed basket each, piles of baskets full of loot, a cage with a Slave of Harad, small obelisks, [Corsair of Umbar|Corsairs of Umbar]], and either a Corsair Slaver or a Corsair Captain.
  • Corsair Hideout - Larger bases that are full of Corsairs of Umbar, often hidden well in the cliffs of the coast. Hideouts have small, battlemented paved spaces with a fire pit, piles of treasure, weapon racks, a small tent for a Corsair Captain, a chest, crafting table, barrel, and cauldron, and a cage with a slave.

Mobs Edit

This biome is inhabited by the Corsairs of Umbar and their slaves.

  • Corsair of Umbar - Brigands native to Umbar, the scourge of the high seas. They are effective at killing and looting the corpses of their victims, and use Corsair gear.
  • Slave of Harad - Slaves sold by the Corsairs for farming.
  • Corsair Slaver - Corsairs who manage the slaves taken in raids, and sell them to the highest bidder.
  • Corsair Captain - The foulest of the Corsairs of Umbar. These men allow you to hire Corsairs, and lead them in raids across Harad.

Vegetation Edit

There is little to no vegetation in the rocky coastline. However, oak, palm, and birch trees can sometimes be found, along with stubby grass and other plants, on patches of dirt.

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