Corn liquor is a quite strong drink added in Public Beta 27. It's alcoholicity ranges from 2.50% to 30.00%.


brewing recipe
Water Bucket
Water Bucket
Water Bucket
Corn Liquor

In order to brew corn liqueur, you will need a barrel. It is brewed similarly to ale, but with corn rather than wheat. Put three water buckets in the bottom three slots of the barrel, and fill the rest of the slots with raw corn cobs. Press the button to begin brewing, and stop the brewing by pressing the button again when your corn liqueur has reached the desired strength.


Corn liqueur can be brewed (see above), or bought from Southron drink traders, who curiously only sell light through strong drink.


Corn liqueur will fill up a certain number of hunger bars when drunk. Depending on your tolerance level, you may experience the symptoms of drunkedness. It is a strong drink, up to 30% alcohol content, so without a decent tolerance, you will not be able to drink it and stay sober.

Potency Alcoholicity Hunger Restored
Weak 2.50% 1food
Light 5.00% 2food
Moderate 10.00% 3food
Strong 20.00% 6food
Potent 30.00% 9food

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