Where is the spring and the harvest and the tall corn growing?


Corn is a crop added in Public Beta 26. Corn stalks can be planted on farmland or near water. Corncobs will grow over time and can be harvested from the stalks.


Fully grown corn field in a Tauredain village farm.


Corn fields can be found in Tauredain villages and Gondorian settlements. Corncobs can be bought from the Tauredain farmer. Corn can also be found rarely along the edge of water sources in the Far Harad jungle (edge). Corn stalks can also be bought from Hobbit farmers.


To farm corn, you first need to obtain at least one stalk (not the cob) from a Tauredain village farm. This has to be planted either directly near water (like sugar cane), or on well-tilled dirt- or jungle mud blocks (like seeds).

After planting, you need to wait for some time. Bonemeal will not work on it (Public Beta 27.2). When grown to double height, the stalks start growing cobs and can be harvested for more stalks and corn. To harvest only the cobs, right click the stalk, like a berry bush. The stalks grow up to three blocks high, with the two upper stalks growing cobs.

When the stalk is at least two blocks high, you can break it to obtain more stalks. These can now be planted as described above. That way you can multiply your corn.



Cooking corn in a Hobbit oven to save fuel.

The main reason for growing corn is to provide food. The cobs can be eaten raw for 2 (2food). Since Public Beta 27, corn can also be cooked in a furnace or a Hobbit oven. Forges of any kind will not work on food. The cooking process doubles the nutrition content of corn cobs, which then fill up 4 (4food) hunger points each.

brewing recipe

Brewing corn liqueur.

Water Bucket
Water Bucket
Water Bucket
Corn Liqueur

The second use is to brew a very fine corn liqueur for your friends. Make sure to use raw corn cobs instead of the cooked variety.

vanilla crafting recipe

Crafting paper.

Corn Stalk
Corn Stalk
Corn Stalk

The third use is to craft three sheets of paper, by placing three corn stalks in a horizontal row on the vanilla crafting table, just like the vanilla recipe for sugar cane.

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