Conquest of Middle Earth is a Lord of the Rings Server that follows lore along with some realistic custom lore and has a realistic trading system. It is a relatively new server.

The server is currently offline for maintanence. It may possibly be up after July


  • Be respectful to other players
  • Try not to be rude (Out Of Character)
  • Try to stick to RP.
  • Stick to the Lore.
  • Don't cheat in items or hack.
  • Don't ask for OP or free stuff.
  • Try not to break structures.
  • Hacking of any kind will not be tolerated. 


Owner: Dragonsai

Co-Owner: SLEnergy6400

Loremaster: TheSadCat






Political FactionsEdit

Faction Territories Leader
Hobbits The Shire Bullroarer Took (None)
Dūnedain of the North Eriador (War-Zone), Bree, Minihiriath (War-Zone), Enedwaith (War-Zone), Barrow Downs, Lonelands (War-Zone) Chieftan Arrasiul (None)
Firebeard Dwarves Northern Blue Mountains (Belegost)
Broadbeam Dwarves Southern Blue Mountains (Nogrod)
High Elves  Lindon, Western Isles, Rivendell. (Lindon) Cirdan (None)
(Rivendell) Elrond (None)
Gundabad Eriador (War-Zone), Lonelands (War-Zone), Northern Misty Mountains. (Mount Gram) Golfimbul  (None)
(Mount Gundabad) Balcmeg (None)
(Goblins) Great Goblin (None)
Angmar Angmar, Coldfells (War-Zone), Ettenmoors (War-Zone), Lonelands (Rhudaur)(War-Zone) Witch-King (gretaresa)
Rhudaur Chieftan (None)
Woodland Realm Woodland Realm, Northern Mirkwood (War-Zone), Mirkwood Corrupted (War-Zone) Thranduil (None)
Dol Guldur Dol Guldur, Mirkwood Corrupted (War-Zone), Northern Mirkwood (War-Zone) Khamul (None)
Beornings Vales of Anduin (War-Zone) Beorn (None)
Dale Dale Valdemar (None)
Khazad-dûm Moria, Iron Hills (Colony) Durin V (None)
Lothlōrien Lothlorien, Field of Celebrant (War-Zone) Galadriel (None)
Celeborn (None)
Dunland Dunland, Enedwaith (War-Zone) Wulf (None)
Rohan Rohan Helm Hammerhand (None)
Gondor Anōrien, Ithilien (War-Zone), Lebennin, Pelargir, Lamedon, Blackroot Vale, Dor-er-ernil, Pinnath Gelin, Andrast, Harandor (Massive War-Zone) Steward Beren (None)
Mordor Mordor, Brown Lands (Desolation), Mouths of Anduin (War-Zone), Ithilien Wasteland (War-Zone), Eastern Desolation (Desolation) Sauron (None)
Near Harad Near Harad Fertile, Near Harad Desert, Near Harad Semi-Desert, Harandor (Massive War-Zone) Abdullah (None)
Moredain Far Harad Savanah, Far Harad Arid Savanah, Far Harad Forest Clearing (War-Zone) (None)
Tauredain Far Harad Forest, Far Harad Forest Clearing (War-Zone) (None)
Half-Trolls Peterogwaith (None)
Dorwinion Dorwinion (None)
Rhūdel Rhūdel Timurkhan (None)
Umbar Umbar Castamir II (None)
Wainriders Near the Last Desert Timujin (None)
Khand Khand Dorotoro (None)

Criminal FactionsEdit

Faction Territories Main Exports Leader
Winterfell Family The West (Eriador, Bree, Minihiriath, Enedwaith, Shire) Pipeweed, Athelas, honey The Godfather Don Vito (TheSadCat)
The Essos Family The East (Rhūdel, Dorwinion, Dale) Wines, pomegranates, toys  The Viticulturist Don Arystan (Dragonsai) 
The Harandor Cartel The South (Near Harad, Harandor, Gondor) Krash, lemons,  Don Eladio (None)
Mochi Family The Far South (Far Harad Forest) Cocoa, mushrooms Y'kin Dikongo (None)
Rhudaur Family Mid-West (Lonelands, Ettensmoors, Coldfells, Old Elven Way)  Gulduril, morgulshrooms Boss Corin (None)

Rules of WarEdit


Since we are in the Mid Third Age, there are numerous war-zones across Middle Earth. 


Because we are a very young server, we do not have a lot of completed builds. We may import some in the future, but for now here is a list of who is building what.

Bree (TheSadCat, Dragonsai) 10%

Beorn's Hall (goron_th_avenger) 

Our Wiki

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