Cherry liqueur is a very powerful drink at full potency, giving all the pleasure of alcohol with that special cherry flavour. As with most special drinks, the Hobbits are particularly fond of it. This drink truly has a cherry on top!


Cherry liqueur can be brewed in a barrel; the ingredients needed are simply three water buckets and six cherries. The brewing encompasses five potency steps, ranging from weak, light, moderate, and strong to potent cherry liqueur. Each time, the effects of the drink are increased.

brewing recipe
Water Bucket
Water Bucket
Water Bucket
Cherry Liqueur


Barrels of cherry liqueur may also occasionally be found in windmills. This drink can also be bought from a Near Harad drink trader.


The effects of cherry liqueur are alike to those of other alcoholic drinks. Depending on the potency of the beverage, the hunger bar will partly fill up, but there is also a growing chance that the Nausea effect might be inflicted upon the consumer. The duration of this effects can be reduced by building up alcohol tolerance.

Potency Alcoholicity Hunger Restored
Weak 2.5% 1food
Light 5% 2food
Moderate 10% 3food
Strong 20% 6food
Potent 30% 9food

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