Charred trees are a type of dead tree added by the mod.


They're found in various evil dominated regions of Middle-Earth, including, but not limited to, Uruk Highlands, Mordor, Fangorn wasteland, and Ithilien wasteland.

Since these trees don't have any leaves, they drop no saplings. However, the good news for evil players is that charred wood is renewable; just put any log into an Orc forge and burn it, and then you can simply create your own.


Charred beam, fence, log, planks, stairs, slab.
(top->down, left->right)


Like all the wood types in the mod, charred logs can be turned into charred wood planks, which can in turn be turned into stairs, fences, and slabs. While these planks are no better than any of the mod's other wooden planks, they definitely look better in evil builds than do more normal-coloured wooden planks.

Charred Trees

Charred Trees in a less ruined biome...

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