The Cedar Tree is a relatively large (but low) softwood tree found in many southern biomes.


Cedar Trees can be found in all of the following biomes:


Cedar trees are a relatively tall tree. They start as a kind of 5 block collection at the bottom (cross shape), but narrow up the trunk until they branch out, with 2 or more branches coming off the main crown. They were inspired by and modeled after the Cedar of Lebanon, not the north american White-Cedars.


As usual, shears can be used to harvest cedar leaves, and breaking the leaf blocks themselves may drop the tree's saplings. Of course, you can cut down the tree and turn its logs into wooden planks or charcoal. The planks, which can in turn be used to craft cedar wood planks, fences, stairs, and slabs. The colour of these planks makes a nice contrast to the brilliant white of Gondor rock and brick, and cedar wood makes nice-looking roofs and interior furniture for Gondorian structures.


Cedar planks, log, stairs, slab, fence, leaves, and fallen leaves.

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