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Some content may no longer be in the mod!

This page contains content on features that are no longer part of the current version of the mod.

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Player wearing the Cape of Nimloth

Capes were a feature in the Mod, from Public Beta 8 up until Public Beta 19 (inclusive), that allowed the player to wear custom capes to commemorate certain tasks that they have accomplished. These capes would only be visible to players with the Lord of the Rings Mod installed.

The menu for this feature could be found by opening the Middle-earth menu (default press "L") and clicking either button on the left or right of the screen until you came to "Capes". There were three categories of capes, which could be toggled through the button at the very bottom.

Listed below are all the capes as of Public Beta 19, sorted into their three categories as was seen in the Mod. Additionally, information is provided on how you could unlock each one.

As of Public Beta 20, capes were replaced with shields due to a EULA change of Mojang. However, while they are no longer obtainable by players, some NPCs (mostly unit captains) still wear them.

Please note that the images below are from the Mod's files and therefore do not look like they do in-game. Only the part of the image is shown, that can be seen on the player's back.

Achievable capes Edit

Name Task accomplished Image
Bronze Adventurer's Cape Earn 25 Middle-Earth achievements Achievement bronze cape
Silver Adventurer's Cape Earn 50 Middle-Earth achievements Achievement silver cape
Golden Adventurer's Cape Earn 100 Middle-Earth achievements Achievement gold cape
Mithril Adventurer's Cape Earn 200 Middle-Earth achievements Achievement mithril cape
Trollslayer's Cape Defeat the Hill-troll Chieftain Defeat mtc cape

Alignment capes Edit

Name Task accomplished Image
Cape of Black Sorcery Gain +1000 alignment with the forces of Angmar Alignment angmar cape
Cape of Ered Luin Gain +1000 alignment with the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains Alignment blue mountains cape
Cape of Nimloth Gain +1000 alignment with the people of Gondor Alignment gondor cape
Cape of Seven Stars Gain +1000 alignment with Durin's Folk (the Dwarves of the Iron Hills) Alignment dwarf cape
Cape of Shadows Gain +1000 alignment with the forces of Mordor Alignment mordor cape
Cape of the Dúnedain Gain +1000 alignment with the Rangers of the North Alignment ranger cape
Cape of the Fair Realm Gain +1000 alignment with the High Elves of Lindon Alignment high elf cape
Cape of the Golden Wood Gain +1000 alignment with the Galadhrim Elves of Lothlórien Alignment galadhrim cape
Cape of the Greenwood Gain +1000 alignment with the Wood-Elves of Mirkwood Alignment wood elf cape
Cape of the Horse-lords Gain +1000 alignment with the Rohirrim of Rohan Alignment rohan cape
Cape of the White Hand Gain +1000 alignment with the Uruks of Isengard Alignment uruk hai cape
Cape of the Wild Men Gain +1000 alignment with the Dunlendings of Dunland Alignment dunland cape
Cape of the Serpent Gain +1000 alignment with the Southrons of Near Harad Alignment near harad cape

Exclusive capes Edit

Name Task accomplished Image
Elven Contest Cape Awarded as a prize in Building Contest #1 (Elven) Elven contest cape
Evil Contest Cape Awarded as a prize in Building Contest #2 (Evil) Evil contest cape
Shire Contest Cape Awarded as a prize in Building Contest #3 (Shire) Shire contest cape
Gondor Contest Cape Awarded as a prize in Building Contest #4 (Gondor) Gondor contest cape
Architect's Cape Awarded for having your build implemented into the mod in Structure Contest #1 Structure contest cape
Electrician's Cape Worn by Mr. Gibbs Electrician cape
Loremaster's Cape 2013 Awarded to the top 5 contributors on the mod's' wiki during 2013
Loremaster 2013 cape
Modder's Cape Worn by the creator of the mod (Mevans) and the administration team Mod cape
Ogre Cape Awarded for making a magical discovery Shrek cape