• Elestan Larcalaite

    Hello, dear wikia folks of all types! Some of you may remember me from WAY back in like 2014/15, though probably not, especially the newer people. ANYWAYS, I'm here to bring you lot all a nice good-old-fashioned roleplay. It's sci-fi, sandboxy, and meant overall to provide a deep, fun, friendly environment. You don't need to be carefully managing a political and diplomatic web, though there are some who like to do that. You can control a vast interstellar empire, or be a single rogue on his quest for fame and glory (though we will be limiting it so that the vaster the empire, the less control any one person has over it). Also, it will be on Discord, which you do not need to make an account on to participate, though it might help you on the…

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  • Kickratgames


    October 19, 2017 by Kickratgames

    I have been inspired by Smoregoth to create a blog of my faction Ideas.

    Taurannanen (Shortened: TA)

    The Taurannanen are slavic based men who have taken arms against Sauron and his forces. They live in the Highlands and forests of Rhun.


    Rhunic Highland: A mountainous biome between Tauros and Forodwaith. Home to the TA.

    Tauros: A dense forest with the occasional clearing south of Rhunic Highland.

    Annen: A glacier home to many TA.


    TA house: A hoem for TA inside is a chest with their belongings, a fur bed, a crafting table, a TA table, and a furnace

    TA long house: A large version of TA house with more valuable belongings.

    TA encampment: a camp with TA tents and a command tent in the center where a Vlad spawns

    TA canvas: A tent found in …

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  • Gen. Grievous1138

    Just finished watching Senators Bernie Sanders (I/D-VT) and Ted Cruz (R/Zodiac Killer-TX) (of the US) have a debate over tax reform on CNN. As with last time, I enjoyed watching Bernie Sanders splinter anything resembling a point that Ted Cruz put out, but as with last time I'm putting out a poll.

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  • Kickratgames

    Norse Mythology Cool

    October 17, 2017 by Kickratgames

    If you wish to be my freind tell me the meaning of the following things from Norse mythology.









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  • Gen. Grievous1138

    I need YOU!

    October 3, 2017 by Gen. Grievous1138

    Hello, members of the Wiki community. Many of you know that I have long been involved on TOS; however, what you may not know is that I am also an admin on Eras of Arda's First Age Server, where I hold the role of Melkor, Lord of Darkness. Why am I bringing this up, you may ask? Because Angband needs YOU.

    Not just recruits, but you, Wiki User . We need any and all players who are willing to dedicate some time for making the greatest power in the history of mod servers stronger. There are many ranks to advance to. There are many players in Angband and allies to fight alongside. There is plenty of equipment and room for forts, and plenty of rooms in the Hells of Iron. Only you can help lead us to victory. Because while every faction needs a lead…

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  • WholockianDalek
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  • Glflegolas

    For those of you who don't follow the Facebook page, I have listed here the results of the survey, which you can also see by clicking this link.

    Most are 14-24 years old. No surprise there.

    Unsurprisingly, most players found the mod by searching for a LotR Mod, while the second most common option was that of watching a YouTuber play it. I saw Mevans' creator vote in that poll, though, along with some other rather creative responses...

    The majority of people play multiplayer, not surprisingly, followed by singleplayer. However, I'm surprised that creative singleplayer was more popular than private servers. I suppose it just goes to show how many people like to build big structures from the lore, I guess.

    Most play several days a week, like me, …

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  • King of Old Man

    Idea for a new submod?

    September 23, 2017 by King of Old Man

                  Would anyone be interested in a small submod set in around 700 B.C Crimea and surrounding areas? There would be several greek city states, as well as Sycthians.

    Some factons could be; 

    • Cimmeria (Hellenic) (Kingdom)
    • Phanagoria (Hellenic) (Kingdom)
    • Gorgippia (Hellenic) (Kingdom)
    • Soloka (Scythian) (Kingdom)
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  • Fenrir lokisen

    I am in need of a coder that could make some server-side mod/plugin features for a server I am working on, if you believe you fit the requirements (stated below) please fill out the form:

    Must have a suitable amount of java coding experience

    Must have a suitable amount of experience with the Bukkit API

    Must be of 12+ years of age (or be as mature mentally)

    'In order to apply join ourDiscord Server' and directly message me your filled out version of the format as stated below:

    How long have you been coding?

    *What are some examples of stuff you have previously coded (if any*)

    What is your age?

    What is your experience with the Bukkit Api?

    What is your experience with the Forge Api?

    What is your experience with server-side modding?

    Could we have a brief …

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  • Fenrir lokisen

    Notes: I&F stands for Ice and Fire, GOT, stands for Game of Thrones:

    Me and a team of people are developing a Submod of the Lord of the Rings Mod that changes the Language, Texture, Map, and possibly sound file(s) of the Lord of the Rings mod to make it just like I&F/GOT.

    If you are intested in the submod visit our discord here:

    We will also be opening a server with the submod once it is completed.

    We are in need of texturers! Apply on my message wall, in our discord, or in a comment on this blog.

    Check on this thread every now and then as we will be posting some spoilers here once and awhile.

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  • MrHobit1234

    Well, Shadow of War.

    September 10, 2017 by MrHobit1234

    Hallo! For those of you who do not know I am one of the Inkling Party, a group of people dedicated to crushing of the moronic suggestions of the hereticccs, I mean converting heathens from the shadow of Peter Jackson! Yes, I totally do... So recently I found a list of Shadow of War Nazgul, having already seen Helm Hammerhead being made one I was expecting mass heresy against Master Tolkien. However I had heard evil rumors, that Isildur had been named one of the Nine. I was grieved to discover this as the truth. 

    So, jokes aside I did find that Isildur had been made a Nazgûl, what do you think? As you can probably tell I am against it, it is one of the most heretical descisions Monolith has made.

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  • Dark dwarves 2

    Hey guys I'm DD2 some of you might remember me when I was more active here while the tide of new comers may not, anyways I bring news to your sweet little ears (well eyes, but you get my point)

    The mod team here has allowed myself and some others to post a advertisement about our own wiki, Middle Earth Role Play Wiki, although we aren't just all about LOTR we have a healthy sci-fi group and plenty of custom fantasy worlds heck you guys could make your owns or post some ideas you had, lore, factions, and what not (in the appropriate forums of course)

    We (as in the community of MERP) are made up of some of your old and current compatriots people like Draug, Shade, Indom, Pat, Chaz, and many others. We would like to invite anyone that wants to …

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  • Glflegolas

    Good day, everyone,

    A couple days ago, I got back from a vacation. This vacation took me to many places, but not least of which was the Cape Breton Highlands. Now, I really like that area, because it contains my favourite type of landscape (do I have to say what it is?)

    Now, the mod doesn't exactly have a forested hills region per se. About the closest you'll come to finding an entire region consisting of forested hills is a region such as the Trollshaws or the foothills of many of the mountainous regions of Middle-Earth, such as the Blue Mountains, Misty Mountains, or Grey Mountains. But there are two varients, present in many regions of Middle-Earth, that does create forested hills. One of these is called, surprisingly, forested hills.


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  • TheStudyOfTheUnknown

    Hello everyone, surprise, I'm not dead...

    Half of you probably don't know I exist I'm probably just the least cared about veteran by this point.

    Anyway I made some music for a composition assessment based on cultural music and even though its from a completely different culture I thought it would fit in pretty well for music for certain distant regions of the map, so yay... here it is I guess. I recommend a loud volume so you can hear the shimmering (within reason)

    It may take a while to load because the software decided that a 1:50 minute file should be 90mb

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  • Argali1

    Your Input

    September 6, 2017 by Argali1

    Hey guys, I know it's been a while. You see, I have a cool new building idea, but I want your input on how to structure it. I want to build a very fancy safehouse beneath the ocean floor, but I'm not sure what rooms to make, what to put in them, how many there should be etc. Anyone have any ideas?

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  • Gen. Grievous1138

    It's the map you're all been waiting for, whether you knew it or not... And at long last, I present to you the fourth installment of my Mordor Map, with additions this time based in the Plateau of Gorgoroth! 

    It is interesting to note that with this update, all parts of Mordor mentioned explicitly by Tolkien are now done. However, the map is not yet complete....

    Alongside previous additions of Minas Morgul, the Udun fortresses, and the strongholds of the Ephel Duath, I have for you the following:

    • Mount Doom - Including the Sammath Naur, Sauron's Road, and the Cracks of Doom.
    • Barad-dur - As seen above, this is the crowning work of the map. Barad-dur is split into four sections: the outer fortress, with a lava ravine, mountain, bridge, gate-towe…
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  • LysurusPeriphragmoides789

    I have just realised that I have been very inactive on this wiki for quite a while. Know that I have not left you guys, I am merely in a very busy time of year at the moment. On top of study, I'm also working on a YouTube channel (It's mainly about centipedes, so don't get excited unless you're interested in that stuff), and as a result this wiki has been in the back of my mind for a while. 

    I daresay I will be more active soon.

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  • Glflegolas

    Hello everyone,

    Again, I am here to do a tour of one of my houses. In this case, I'm showcasing my house in the Gondorian woods (kind of like Little House in the Big Wood, if you know what I mean). The first video is of the inside of my house and watchtower, while the second video is of me walking around in a thunderstorm at night (it always seems to rain when I showcase bases...) showing you the various trails I built around my house while fighting a few Mordor Orcs. It also showcases some of the new thunderstorm sound effects.

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  • Glflegolas

    As I stated previously in the Tour of my Cozy Cottage blog post, I said I would do another region spotlight post, and, well, I've definitely kept my word. This time, the region that I wish to feature is going to be a very hot, dry, scorching desert. It's Near Harad, the home of the Southrons.

    Near Harad is located some distance south of Gondor, and north of Far Harad. It's very similar to the Sahara desert of the real world, with a few important differences. Firstly, you will find various Southron Men and their camps throughout the desert. Secondly, by nightfall, there are many scorpions to think about.

    Well, I don't really like this region of Middle-Earth very much, and I don't like deserts much in real life, either. They're simply too hot a…

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  • Glflegolas

    Hello everyone,

    Yes, I realise it's been a while since I did a blog post. And no, region of the week isn't forgotten. It will return soon, in fact, I may even write an issue of that later today or tomorrow (rainy days are great for that!). But, in the meantime, I have a small video here to show you around one of my houses on Isildur's Bane. It's located in the Grey Mountains, and is my first YouTube video -- ever.

    If you guys have any suggestions, please leave them down in the comments, but don't be too harsh.

    EDIT: The new issue of Region Spotlight is out, and Near Harad is featured. Check here for more info.

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  • MrHobit1234


    July 22, 2017 by MrHobit1234

    Hello one, and hello all, I am MrHobit1234 the host and sole admin of Gondorball. You might be wonder why I am making this blog, well I'll tell you now. I am trying to advertise LOTRball, a lotr themed Polandball variant. We already have a page for Gondor, the Longbeards, Gundabad and a main page. I would like to extend an invintation to you all to join us on Facebook in LOTRball. 






    Feel free to like and follow these pages and make your own LOTRball comics and send them to us! With regards, MrHobit1234.

    Official Polandball Tutorial

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  • Fenrir lokisen

    After some rough turns (and roads!) Ascension of Arda is coming back, this time we are not going to restart or shut down at random sporadic times, and we will be using quite a few plugins to improve your playing experience, this time we are actually putting in an effort to selecting staff for our team who are mature and well rounded with the commands of the mod and plugins we use.

    We will be labled under our old name "Ascension of Arda", we are also temporarily whitelisted until a new spawn is done! In addition to this we will also have a new rules system put together and sieges will be banned until most (if not all) lore builds are finished.

    Some of the plugins we will be using are;

    ArmorWeight: Configured by AlteOgre

    Chair Stairs: Turns stai…

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  • Cundö Calassëru

    I Return!

    July 11, 2017 by Cundö Calassëru

    Well guys,

    I have my new PC and have decided to make my partial return to the LOTR community, meaning that while I shall be partially active in the events that are upcoming, I am going to be endeavouring to create a full resource pack/my own version of the lotr mod. So as said before, I will now be partially active though most of my time will be spent creating this resource pack/something

    Thanks guys,


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  • Boost the Cat

    Having noticed that TV Tropes has Works Pages for game mods, I figured it was about time this mod had one. So, well, I started one.

    There's no way I can do this alone, though. I'm not exactly well-versed in TV Tropes editing. So if anyone wants to help, it would be very appreciated.

    If anyone knows of a trope not yet added, feel free to leave it in the comments. (We won't be adding tropes from vanilla Minecraft, only tropes for the mod.)

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  • Gen. Grievous1138

    After lots of hard work, it is time for another update of my Mordor map. Alongside the existing Minas Morgul and the fortresses in Udun, there are several new additions in the western Mountains of Shadow to be explored. This includes:

    • The Pass of Cirith Ungol - Including the Straight Stair, a pass, the Winding Stair, and Shelob's Lair in full from Minas Morgul to the Tower.
    • The Tower of Cirith Ungol - As seen above, in full detail.
    • Morgul-Watch - A watchpost on the edge of the Morgul Vale, irreverently built in an old statue of Isildur.
    • Morgai-Fort - A small Orc-Fort on the western slopes of the Morgai, home to Orc-Trackers.
    • North-Camp - A large Orc-camp on the road south from Carach Angren.
    • South-Camp - Another camp on Sauron's Road.
    • Morigost - …

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  • Glflegolas

    Happy Canada Day, LotR Minecraft Mod Community!

    Wait.... that was two days ago. Looks like I'm behind on the 8 ball again. Well, that's all right, as today, there's a new region spotlight, just in time for the Fourth of July!

    ...I'm a day early for that aren't I? I can never get timing right these days...

    Now that that's out of the way, let's get down to business. This issue, I'm featuring a region of Middle-Earth where it's always dark, trees are virtually nonexistent, the very air you breathe is poisonous, and there are more Orcs than there are megabytes of speechbanks in the mod. That's right, this time Mordor is in the spotlight. Let's open the door, and enter this dark land...

    If you seriously don't know where Mordor is, then I strongly sug…

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  • Commandogregor1234

    My Return

    July 2, 2017 by Commandogregor1234

    Yup. Kinda self-explanatory ain't it.

    Im back! It's summer. I have time. This mod seems refreshing and fun.

    You'll see me around more! On servers, on the wiki.... everywhere.

    Welcome back me, eh? Im glad to be back!

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  • Cundö Calassëru

    My old PC is finally dying :(. However I am getting a new one, but since this one is on its last leg, I will be using it as sparingly as possible until the new one arrives, this means that anything I do for the community, or am planning on doing, will be a bit late. I would just like to inform you on why I will be absent this next week or two.

    Thanks and sorry if I missed something (it's 10:30 at night over here)



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  • Fenrir lokisen

    Due to the fact that the general corruption of the LOTR mod community (Some people are steal nice ;), AltOgre, Sniperpro22, Zane__Romeave, Etc.) is causing me depression in-real-life and the fact that running a server seems to be implying too much stress upon me I am bidding all here a farewell. 

    These last 2 years have been full of adventure and fun, but also many sour defeats. I hope everyone remembers me for what little good I have brought to this community.  Goodbye! -Laerorndir

    "The road goes ever on.."

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  • Dragonbiscuit

    The user hamidm1234 has been found planning griefings to boost the popularity of his own server, so here's some evidence and just be aware of that and all server owners. 

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  • Cundö Calassëru


    June 21, 2017 by Cundö Calassëru

    Hey guys,

    As a lot of us know, sadly, the second age server is shutting down. However! In its place the first age server is opening!

    I'm am just announcing that I will probably be applying for Penlod (I believe that is his name) leader of the House of the Tower of Snow, because he was a great writer of the Eldar (or so I hear) and I LOOOOVE writing. I would like to know how I can apply (I realise that they aren't open to applications yet but I want to be prepared) and is there anything I should know about Penlod? Because while I know a lot about gondolin I don't really know much about him. I will be doing my own research but I would appreciate the help.

    Thanks guys.

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  • Draugluin the werewolf

    I haven't been on here for a while now and probably won't be on again for quite a bit. I would probably just have moved on had I not been impressed and surprised by how active and dedicated fans of this mod are. Whilst I myself have had my fill of Minecraft and, alas will soon return to the Middle Earth Roleplay Wiki I felt it nescasary to commend your efforts.

    Keep doing what you do (that includes you Moofins)

    P.S if any of you would be interested in joining MERP my profile has a link. If anyone wants to talk to me use my message wall on either wiki

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  • Cundö Calassëru

    Mithril Sword

    June 20, 2017 by Cundö Calassëru

    So just today I saw some old messages between two wiki members. One of them was asking the other if he could make him a mithril sword with a mallorn handle, and a deep blue jewel in the middle of a wing shaped guard.

    I saw this and thought "That would be interesting to try." So I tried it and this is my end result, I found that the gondolin sword had a nice winged guard design so I used it along with a custom handle and pommel and blade. 

    You may need to enlarge the photo if you want to see it more clearly (if you guys want I'll make an enlarged version so you can see it better, and if you want to use it for resource packs or whatnot, just take the image to the GIMP editing program and erase the white parts around the sword or else they wil…

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  • SamwiseFilmore

    New Skin

    June 13, 2017 by SamwiseFilmore

    How does everyone like the new wikia skin? I personally think it is very clean and seems to be very modern. Although it is a change, and will take some getting used to.

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  • Rocket Engineer

    This is a short rant on the U.S. constitution and why it should be defended and upheld at all costs.

    The Constitution is the most important document in our country. It not only describes the structure of our government, but it is the source of authority for all other laws.

    So why aren't people concerned when politicians and officials ignore it or twist its meaning?  To ignore the Constitution is to say "I am not bound by the laws of this country, and its founding principles mean nothing to me". The source of the government's authority is the Constitution. That means that the ultimate source of authority for every law, executive order and judicial ruling is the Constitution. Furthermore, the Constitution lists the rights of every citizen. A s…

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  • Glflegolas

    It's been a while since I've written one of these posts. But that's largely because of the fact that I've been on vacation for a week, and working the rest of the week after that, and simply haven't managed to do the research needed to write one of these posts. A while back, someone suggested I feature the Blackroot Vale in my series, so, by request, here's a blog featuring the Blackroot Vale!

    The Blackroot Vale is one of the fiefdoms of Gondor, as well as a biome. To be specific, it's located south of the White Mountains just west of Tarlang's Neck. If you want to get there, just follow the road west and north from the Minas Tirith waypoint. Alternatively, if you're coming from Pinnath Gelin, go to the eastern end of that, and head due nor…

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  • LysurusPeriphragmoides789

    Well, you guys have all heard it before. Because of study, my activity on this wiki has been limited for quite some time. Anyway, I'm just giving you a heads up to expect my activity to be unpredictable and sporadic in the future. I will be able to maintain frequent presence on here for periods of time, but for the most part, I will be inactive. Sorry for the inconvenience; I really wish I could do more.

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  • Samoja1

    Check out my castle

    May 24, 2017 by Samoja1

    Check out my castle, i spent 3 days building the thing, the idea is that it has 3 layers of defense, and the color of the tile represent the severity of the situation, also every layer is higher to give defenders always high ground and to make it ever harder for the attacker to scale it.

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  • Glflegolas

    It's been a very long while (almost a month? OMG!) since I have put out one of these posts. But with the long weekend, it's a perfect time for me to write another Biome of the Week (which I hope to put out about every 2-3 weeks... perhaps I should change the name of this series...). Anyways, the series has been re-started, and I will no longer try to keep a schedule here. I'll put out posts whenever I have time. That means we could have two (or more) posts in one week, or go for four weeks without a single post. This week, I shall be featuring the region of the Shire Woodlands.

    Finding the Shire Woodlands shouldn't be too difficult for any player, ever if they're new to the game, as the default spawn point is the Shire, unless a server opera…

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  • Cundö Calassëru

    Hey guys,

    so maybe one or two weeks ago (or maybe more I can't remember) I posted a blog saying that I would be absent. Since then I have visited the SA server and posted a blog. So some of you might be wondering then why I said I would be absent. So let me explain and update you guys.

    I've been having a very busy time so I occasionally have been able to post a blog or visit servers. But other than that I still am absent, I might be getting back on to things more now, but who knows. Oh and to prove I haven't been lying lazily around; here's a new texture I've been working on, It's an update to Dacil and I'm still figuring out how to implement it into my resource pack. 

    Thanks for understanding guys, tell me what you think and see you later.


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  • AlteOgre

    To Chris and all his true grunge buddies, dead and alive.

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  • Catfishperson

    I tried to make a political compass for the LOTR mod. It may or may not be that accurate, but I tried. For some reason, I could only add four options per question, so the format of some of them are a little weird, just answer as best you can.

    Here is the link!

    Post your results!

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  • Cundö Calassëru

    Hey guys,

    So for a while now I've been wanting to make an accompaniment (is that how you spell that?) mod for the LOTR mod. It would mostly add things that the mod makers aren't currently thinking of adding. For instance the accompaniment mod would probably add gondolin equipment that can be found in various places that were once inhabited by elves. (Who knows how that would work.) There's only one thing keeping me from making this mod.

    I know nothing about code.

    That's right, I have no code experience, I have tried following videos, tutorial pages, etc; but nothing has worked for me. I am wondering if there are any coders out there who would want to co-op with me to make this accompaniment mod? I do great textures (most days) so that's not a…

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  • Mordir The Platypus


    May 4, 2017 by Mordir The Platypus

    Well, im joining the mod community in about 2 weeks from when im writing this. With a MC account and everything, And I wondered...What faction should I play as? Because there all so cool but I just wondered what one I should be! And my IGN will most likely be MordirTheMonkey or LieutenantTrollz. Well see you in 2 week!

    MORDIRAsk Me

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  • LOTRMod

    Remember the Wiki

    May 3, 2017 by LOTRMod

    Hello everyone,

    This is just a quick reminder to all wiki users to remember what the main purpose of this site is.

    Recently I have been noticing that the focus seems to be gradually shifting more and more to making suggestions for the mod, discussing aspects of the mod, and discussing obscure aspects of Tolkien's lore. The forum activity is outpacing the article editing activity.

    While none of those things are wrong, and we certainly don't want to discourage them, I feel the need to remind everyone that such discussions should not be the main activity on the wiki. At least - not so soon after an update, while there are still features in need of documentation. In particular, the wiki still lacks a great deal of important information with regard…

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  • High King Ithilion

    Hello, everyone! This blog is a set of polls, devoted to ranking various Wiki Users! Please vote below on the person who best fits the superlative ascribed to them!

    NOTE: The ten people in each superlative are chosen by council and group consensus. Please do not be triggered or rage if you are in a category you do not want to be. Remember, such butthurt is bannable, and angry comments will be removed.

    Also, please do not cheat. This is meant as a fun project, not a vendetta. Rigging polls is also bannable, and it ruins the fun for us all.

    Read more >

    So, A whole new update for this mod. This is to be known as the Fellowship Update, clearly a cause of the new addition of the Fellowship System. Sure this is useful for servers, but singleplayer its useless. Rivendell popped up too but I saw the valley too large to build Rivendel as it would be seen in the movies or imagined from the books, so I was hintingly disappointed. The white downs was moved into the shire offering a more safe way to collect chalk without being attacked by orcs from the borders (being that you are a Hobbit). I also took notice of the descriptions of waypoints, which was useful for proving people wrong about their lore on servers :3. Then there were the secret additions...... I took it as my quest to find them!

    • Fish s…
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    Ah, a whole new blog and entertainment feed for all the family.Not really, just the ones who play lotr mc (Which should be the entire village). As an minecraft vinalla player in the past, I was more tempted to play roblox instead (It went that far!). I had no interest in Minecraft anymore, and I didn't know how to download mods! So I looked online and found about eighteen different videos on how to download the same mod, Lotr MC. I thought "Hey, I know lotr. Watched the movies, read the Hobbit, and starting to watch the new Hobbit Movie!". I followed the tutorial (the first one that popped up 'cause why not), and waited about five hours for the mod to download, thats how crap my internet was!

    Playing the mod I thought, "This is too good to …

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  • Cundö Calassëru

    Hey guys,

    Probably for at least a week I will be absent from the Wiki and the Second Age Server. Things have come up that I must attend to and I undoubtedly will not have time to be doing any LOTR stuff (sad I know) 

    Updates to come (probably when I'm back or if I will be gone longer I'll let you guys know)

    Thanks and see you later guys

    Cundö Calassëru

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  • Glflegolas
    16:13, April 27, 2017 (UTC) Read more >

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