• AvocadoSandpaper

    KSI and Logan

    August 14, 2018 by AvocadoSandpaper
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  • Dinopizzagamer

    I've been working on this webcomic for well over a year now, so my apologies if some of the jokes are a little dated.  This webcomic is set in a sort of physical representation of the wiki, personifying its different members in human form.  (You'll see what I mean.)  Please note that the users depicted aren't meant to be representative of their real life personalities and all creative choices with them were made for comedic purposes only.  With all that out of the way, enjoy Repnepsherlock and Imwatson: A wiki murder-ish mystery, over a year in the making.

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  • Glflegolas

    Despite rumours suggesting otherwise, the mod's development isn't dead, and neither are region spotlights, although their whereabouts have been rather "spotty" at times. But finally I've found myself a rainy evening, and I've fixed the wireless card in my regular PC, and am able to write you a new region spotlight, this one will be about the lands of Lindon on the extreme Western edge of the continent of Middle-Earth.

    Lindon isn't hard to find, even if you're new to visiting Middle-Earth. To get there from the spawn in the Shire, simply follow the Great East Road westward until you can't go any further, and you'll get into Lindon after passing through Eriador and the Tower Hills. If you're coming from the sea, head towards the islands and t…

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  • LordDainTheAwsome

    Hi all! 

    Here's a bit of fanfiction of sorts that I've been writing the last few months. It was just sort of lying around on my computor, so I supposed I could just post it here. Hope you enjoy!

    King Aragorn II Elessar

    It was on the time that the Dark Lord Sauron, last of Melkor’s true servants, was defeated,  that Aragorn Elessar, first of his name was crowned King of Gondor by Mithrandir, shortly before his departure to Valinor.  This began the 4th age by the Gondorian reckoning. Following a number of weeks of rebuilding the capital of Minas Tirith, and its surrounding areas (the Rammas, the walls of Osgiliath, etc.) he focussed on larger issues. The new Khan of the Golden Khaganate had already sent letters asking for peace, in an effort to…

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  • AlteOgre

    I did a bit of research on what is currently in the market and stumbled upon a few very interesting gems out there. Would anyone be interested in exploring options to bring Middle-earth (or other/similar medieval fantasy themed worlds like Elder Scrolls, Fall from Heaven II, etcetera) to another voxel based open world game with concepts as used in gems like Stellar Overload, BlockScape, VoxelQuest or StoneQuest?

    Any option would be interesting to discuss for the time being. Just throwing it out here in a very early stage after pondering the immense potential of the concepts of this mod and of interesting alternatives for Minecraft. If anyone wishes to contact me in private about this, you can use Discord or Facebook.

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  • Glflegolas

    Good morn y'all,

    If any of you follow the French Discord channel, you might've heard my announcement regarding the fact that I was considering doing a region spotlight at some point in the near future. Those that follow the French Discord will probably guess what region I'm highlighting in this issue, I am featuring "les montagnes rouges" a.k.a. the Red Mountains.

    If you're not familiar with the location of the Red Mountains, I don't blame you man. They are located rather far to the East of most of Middle-Earth (curiously, east of the region that's "The West"), around the Eastern centre of Rhûn. Four clans of Dwarves lived in these mountains, though not much was known about them, as they presumably had little contact with their relatives in …

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  • TheStudyOfTheUnknown


    April 21, 2018 by TheStudyOfTheUnknown

    This update has been in development for some time now but I was pleasantly surprised by what they've added so far...

    • Turtles as well as a turtle helmet and potion that both are pretty useful
    • Dolphins
    • Phantoms, hostile flying mobs that attack you if you haven't slept in a bed for too many nights
    • Drowned, water variant zombies which have a chance to carry...
    • Tridents, can be used as a spear as well. I recommend Mevans looks at the code they seem to be pretty effective when it comes to not bugging out although a little OP at this time
    • New swimming animation, looks kind of weird and buggy with the lighting but certainly a welcome feature, you can still swim the old way but if you try to sprint you will go into the new mode
    • Kelp, sea grass and coral. …

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  • Kickratgames1101

    After a lot of research and thinking and thinking again. I have figured out a logical theory on Beorn's background and the Beornings skin changing and history.

    So, my take on the matter is that when Morgoth rose the Misties out of the ground to prevent travel a very small house of the Edain, let's name them House of Jeff, was living near or at the place where the Misties rose. It's likely most of the House of Jeff died from the rising of the mountains but the few who remain might've been affected by the Magic sort of like Nuclear radiation. This may have led to the Skin-changing abilities of the Beorn and possibly the House of Jeff.

    Now let's fast forward a couple hundred years to the beginning of the 2nd age. The House of Jeff has grown att…

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  • Glflegolas

    Good day, everyone,

    Since the last region spotlight I released was on April Fools, I suppose it was going to be kind of hard to take it especially seriously. Have no fear though, today we're back to our regularly scheduled programming and we'll do a region spotlight on Middle-Earth, not on the lands of Mata Nui. This time, the region that I will be featuring is rather far to the north, and is one of the regions where I did a man vs Middle-Earth series some time ago. It's the Coldfells.

    The Coldfells are located some distance south-east of Angmar, immediately west of the Misty Mountains. To their south lie the Lone-lands, and if you travel even farther south, you'll come to the Trollshaws. If you want to get here as quickly as possible from th…

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  • Glflegolas

    Hey folks,

    Guess what I'm back with another region spotlight. But in keeping with this mod's BIONICLE theme, this one won't be about a region of Middle-Earth. Instead, it'll be about a particular region on the Island of Mata Nui, and that location shall be Onu-Koro.

    Since I don't have a map of Mata Nui right in front of me, I'll have to give you the directions to get there as if you were playing the Mata Nui Online Game. If you're at the docks at Po-Koro, follow the path, and keep to your left. As you travel, you'll come past Hafu, working on a sculpture. At this point, go left, and the deserts of Po-Koro will gradually give way to the rocky foothills of the mountain. Once you get to the tunnel entrance, hop on the Ussal Crab and you'll land…

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  • GuardianoftheWeast
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  • TheStudyOfTheUnknown

    I was bored here's some map comparisons.

    Btw the map seems to be about the same size as the UK...

    This image is a bit messy, hopefully the link of the image isn't. The biggest other the LOTR is daggerfall, followed by nightfall, fuel and Just Cause 3. 

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  • Draugthalion Tiruial

    To begin, the mod has done very well so far. It has added almost every faction to the Third Age that you could want. Key word: Third. This mod lacks the First Age. (It's also missing SA, but more on that later).

    Please note: I have not played Eras of Arda or any other First Age servers. If there are things from those servers that you want added to my blog, please leave them in the comments below. Thank you.

    Another note: I opened this blog as a place for people to come and add to the possibility of the First Age. When I deem it has been fully fleshed out, I might post it on the Suggestions Forum.

    How to enter

    You would first descend into the lower floors in the Obsidian Level in Utumno. You would then locate a mighty dungeon where there would need…

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  • FookU

    I was a chatmod here once, but lost access to my account. As well as grew bored with the mod for a bit. Well, I'm back and it shall be good to see a fair deal of you again.

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  • Kickratgames1101

    Well, I decided to post my ideas on combat in MC on this post. Note that this not a suggestion to add these things it's just my thoughts on the matter.


    So I was fighting some wargs/orcs up in the tundra (yeah I wish the mod team would fix that but oh well it's good farming) at first it was good then behind me 3 more wargs/orcs came and hit me, for most hardcore players that wouldn't be a problem because they'd have gmith. I despise the use of mith (mostly because in ME Mith is a prized possession that cannot be taken lightly, in servers I see people trading and using mith like it's nothing, I once saw a guy throw a stack of mith ingots into lava..... yeah that ticks me off) so I don't use mith, this got me down to half health, reali…

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  • Glflegolas

    Ahh, spring! Are you as happy about spring as I am? The best part about spring is that I'll be doing another region spotlight. This time I'll be featuring a region on which I have travelled in real life, but which is probably under-rated by most players of the Lord of the Rings Mod. That region is Belagaer, the Great Sea.

    Islands: Temperate and Global common animals |NPC = None |bandits = Never |invasion = None |traders = None |structures = Underwater Elven Ruin
    Númenórean Ruin (on islands) |nearby = Coastal biomes of Middle-Earth |sub = Island, Beach |added in = 13 }}

    The Elves of Mirkwood might've had some trouble finding the sea, but with the GPS-like capabilities of your map in Middle-Earth, you shouldn't have any problem finding it. If y…

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  • MrHobit1234

    WAR! The USA is crumbling under a wave of secessions by three ruthless separatist unions. There are heroes on both sides. Death is everywhere. In a stunning move, the fiendish American military dictator, General Armstrong, has commenced a series of attacks as his enemies fight each other. As the United States Army attempts to retake the beleaguered continent, the Socialist States, Union States, and Pacific States all prepare for the war to take America....

    A wargame has started it consists of 12 factions, each belonging to one of 4 unions the Communist Socialist States of America, the tolerant American Union States, the socialist Pacific States of America and the still standing authoritarian United States of America. Who will will this 2nd …

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  • Glflegolas

    Good day folks,

    I don't know if you're familiar with the song "I've been everywhere" originally published by Lucky Starr, and subsequently covered by many other artists, among them Hank Snow, Stompin' Tom Connors, and Johnny Cash. Well, who'd have thought that I'd write a version about Middle-Earth? I did, and here's what I came up with:

    I was riding along the Great East Road
    I was carrying a heavy load
    When along came a Ranger heading to the Angle
    He said "come here and have a seat"
    He asked if I'd ever seen a road so long and low in worth
    And I said "Listen, I've travelled every road in middle-earth"

    I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere
    Crossed the deserts bare man, breathed the mountain air man
    Of travel I've had my share man,
    I've been…

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  • Half-troll Hero

    Mordor fortress

    February 8, 2018 by Half-troll Hero

    It was build in survival mode, as somekind of challenge to make a much bigger base then ussual. I've added some 

    Uruk brick to the walls and the tower to add more contrast and color. Inside are varous different rooms, the first one being a armory, which leads to a staircase on the left, a feasting upfront, and a forge on the right. The forge is basically build the same way as they are generated in dwarven or elven structures, except with mordor brick and orc bars. The feast hall was my favorite room to make. It was based on a Rohirric feast hall, except everything is replaced with mordor equivalents such as orc draught rotten flesh, and maggoty bread. the walls are decorated with valuables, trophies, and weapons.

    I think this is one of my gr…

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  • Xerped

    A Dalish House

    January 28, 2018 by Xerped

    This is a Dalish house that I built a while back. I'm pretty proud of it, because it is one of my only Lord of the Rings builds that doesn't suck. It could also work as a survival house. I tried to build it like the ones in the mod, but a little more fancy, as a hardworking Dalish player deserves.

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  • FenWolf

    We already have a Configuration Page, But I figured I'd make an easier to understand step by step version.

    This is too make Mithril more Effective, I suggest disabling this if the Over World on your server is Enabled.

    I will be doing Misc and GUI options next time!

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  • Kickratgames1101

    My Polls

    January 25, 2018 by Kickratgames1101

    I'm leaving the community as I feel I don't contribute anything and many people here would much rather I leave. I have made arguments and suggestions that have lead to lots of the community hating me. I will remain in the wiki as an observer, so in no way will I be inactive I'm simply going to take a step out of the community, after a bit when I feel people may be ready to forgive my outbursts I may return. I have nothing left to say.

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  • Rayn Turammarth


    January 23, 2018 by Rayn Turammarth

    So I was just going to tell you guys about what my plan on Khand is. If Mevans does not give them good items or gear so they can match/exceed dwarves I will uninstall. So if the Khand update comes and it sucks and you no longer see from me you'll now know why. I don't think it will suck but I do not know, I have my fingers crossed into pretzels (Don't try at home) that it doesn't suck.

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  • Kickratgames1101


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  • AvocadoSandpaper


    January 22, 2018 by AvocadoSandpaper

    So I was just going to tell you guys about what my plan on Limwaihte is. If Mevans does not give them good items or gear so they can match/exceed dwarves I will uninstall. So if the Harad update comes and it sucks and you no longer see from me you'll now know why. I don't think it will suck but I do not know, I have my fingers crossed into pretzels (Don't try at home) that it doesn't suck.

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  • Kickratgames


    January 21, 2018 by Kickratgames

    So I was just going to tell you guys about what my plan on Beornings is. If Mevans does not give them good items or gear so they can match/exceed dwarves I will uninstall. So if the Northman update comes and it sucks and you no longer see from me you'll now know why. I don't think it will suck but I do not know, I have my fingers crossed into pretzels (Don't try at home) that it doesn't suck.

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  • Morgoth the first dark lord

    So, it's been exactly one year since I posted the blog named 'I have been watching you' so I thought it'd be nice letting everyone know I'm still watching.

    I am still watching you

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  • Fingowin

    Hello everybody!

    I'm back again! After a pretty long break where I couldn't see Elves and Orcs anymore I finally found my love for the lotr mod again and returned into this lovely world of blocks and items! Even before the game load my new survival world I knew that it was time for me to pick up my blog series in the forum again. So I spent the first time back in middle earth to build two new exampels of Starter Bases. The two small buildings weren't just built for survival mode but also in survival. That took me a little longer but was huge fun! As always I hope you enjoy reading the articel and geht some interesting information.

    Please forgive me for my bad english. If not written an english articel for a couple of months!

    I've often been o…

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  • Sir Lazuli

    Replacing Redstone

    January 11, 2018 by Sir Lazuli

    In this blog post I want to take a look at how to replace redstone. I want to start with the reason for doing so, then look at all the requirements a candidate system would need to fully replace redstone. Finally I want to compare some different candidate systems. I would also like to hear your input! What do you think would work, and how could it be implemented?

    This mod is an unbelievable expansion to vanilla Minecraft. It adds tons of new biomes, items, plants, animals, armour, weapons, and building blocks. The generated structures are so much more varied, and the NPCs are way better than vanilla Minecraft. Questing, creative building, survival, role play, and farming are all awesome gameplay styles in the mod. However this mod i…

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  • Glflegolas

    Hello folks,

    So, judging by the fact that I'm actually able to post this, you can conclude that I haven't lost power (yet), although it flickered for an hour last night. That's when the worst of the storm came through, but I can't take pictures or video in the dark very well. It's still very windy this morning though, and I got some pictures.

    Look at how much these trees are bent over. Surprising that more of them haven't broken off when you think of it, especially when you consider how top-heavy many of these trees are.

    Apparently one of the trees couldn't take the bend, and snapped in two. (Actually many more than this fell over, but I only took a picture of one).

    Waves battering two of the three islands off my coastline.

    Even the small isla…

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  • Glflegolas

    Hello folks,

    I'm back with a region spotlight. Now if you're wondering why I haven't written anything in a while, check the storm story, in which I deal with a windstorm with 110 km/h winds, and the cleanup that followed.

    Wintry weather aside, let's actually feature a region of Middle-Earth! This time, I have not chosen a "region" or even a "regional variant" as such. This region is actually another dimension of Middle-Earth, accessible by going through the icy wastelands of Forodwaith. That's right, I am doing no region other than Utumno.

    Utumno is not easy to get to. You have to travel a long way through the icy wastes of Forodwaith if you want to get there, and follow a very specific route. Once you get to the end of your journey, you'll co…

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  • Glflegolas

    Hello, now I'm sure some of you are wondering why I haven't written a region spotlight so far this holiday, or why I haven't responded to notifications for this time, after all, I never said I was going on vacation. Well, in a nutshell, this happened; I was hit by a major windstorm, lost my power, and spent most of the next day cleaning up. If you want to know the details, read below.

    Now I am aware that this is not the usual type of content you see on this wiki, but this story is exceptional enough I feel that it deserves to be seen by others.

    The Nightmare Before on Christmas – The Dec 25th, 12017 Windstorm

    The first indications that a significant weather system might be on its way for Christmas day were on Under the 384 …

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  • Glflegolas

    Hey folks, Glflegolas here. I haven't written anything in quite a long while, but I promise that region spotlight will return at least once over Christmas. (If any of you want to write an issue yourselves, feel free to do so, I won't mind).

    So, with Christmas here (I celebrate today, the 24th), what's there to do in Middle-Earth? Well lots, actually! This list is similar to the one written by Areades nearly three years ago, but has been updated in light of many of the mod's new features.

    Create an authentic Christmas tree
    Buy some holiday gifts

    Light your house with some fancy candles

    Enjoy a White Christmas, regardless of where you are in Middle-Earth

    Add even more fancy lights to your house

    Seal some presents for your friends
    Visit a beautiful …

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  • AvocadoSandpaper

    Hi guys I'm about to go on my first trip to Utumno!

    It's a singeplay world not a server so i will be alone

    What I have:

    2 barrels of potent dwarven tonic and I have a high alchohol tollerance

    2 barrels of potent athelas brew

    3 large pouches for loot and carrying things

    3 water buckets

    1 sharp mithril sword with extra range

    2 stacks of dirt

    1 normal crafting table

    4 stacks of baked potatos and about 2 stack of bread

    1 stack of wood planks for anything I need just in case

    about 3 stacks of arrows (I expect to get more along the way)

    1 rivendell bow with extra damage and knockback

    1 shovel

    1 pickaxe

    1 axe

    3 sets of full dwarven armor

    alot of fire resistance ent druaght

    1 stack of torches and I know that they don't help alot but just in case

    I also have a mithril…

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  • Catfishperson

    Stat project

    December 10, 2017 by Catfishperson

    This is for a school project. Please only answer if you are of highschool age (14-18) and live in the United States.

    Thank you!

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  • Gen. Grievous1138

    As a wiki admin, I’ve long seen comments from users who have clearly not read the FAQ, asking when builds like Minas Tirith, Barad-dûr, and Minas Morgul will be added to the mod. The answer, of course, is in the decently far future.

    But now, you can explore many of these builds before then. After multiple prereleases and a whole lot of work, I have completed my Mordor map. And not just a few builds in Mordor - all of Mordor. The whole land, with every build from lore, the mod, or my own mind. All of it is available to be downloaded and explored.

    As of a post-release update, you will spawn in a camp in Dagorlad, just outside the Black Gate, in a tent containing equipment and basic gear for those who wish to play the map in survival (which I r…

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  • LysurusPeriphragmoides789

    Hey guys. I'm sorry about the lack of activity here; it's for the very same reason that Catfish became inactive. Still, I'll be more than happy to resume my job as the "image guru" when the update comes out. Furthermore, I've been spending most of my free time working on my YT channel. It is not related to this mod, instead, it focuses on the arthropods (predominatly centipedes) that I keep/will be keeping. Currently, both my channel and my arthropod pet collection are in their early stages, but that will be changing quite quickly. Anyway, feel free to subscribe if you are interested; I'd recommend it both for people who share my love of these animals, and those who don't, but seek to conquer their fears.…

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  • SamwiseFilmore

    A number of years ago I stumbled upon a game called Minetest. It's an open-source voxel engine that promotes extensive modding (to the point where the actual game is just a collection of mods...). The game in of itself is not that impressive, although it has merit simply for being so extensible, as well as being open source. The engine is written in C++, so rendering is much faster, and FPS is much higher, especially on lower-end hardware. However, all modding is done with a language called Lua, which if fast (for a scripting language) and fairly easy to learn.

    If you're interested in modding, the learning curve is a lot less steep than forge modding for minecraft, and in addition, the open source nature of the engine means that if you need…

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  • Loke Khan Torgou of Rhun

    Hey guys! I have decided to maybe do a survival series for LOTR mod. If I do, it will be on youtube.

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  • The Morgul Lord

    Join the Great War!

    November 30, 2017 by The Morgul Lord

    Greetings, all! Some of you may know me or recognize me from around here, and it's because of my ties that I would like to invite you to join in a Middle-earth themed roleplay. The RP takes place late in the Fourth Age. The time-era reflected in the RP is loosely Napoleonic, while it retains many traits that make it Middle-earth. The RP is about a war against Angmar, which has risen again, and takes place all across Middle-earth. We already have a few members, even some from this community, including one of the moderators from this wiki. The style of the RP has elements from both wargaming and regular character-developing roleplay, if that describes it well enough. The RP is hosted on Discord, so anyone who doesn't have an account there sh…

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  • Half-troll Hero

    It was build in creative mode, unlike my last two builds. It has a bridge, which can be opened with a lever inside the fortress, a small scorched forge, some armour stands, a pile of waste, and a small tent.The walls of the fortress are made of wood and stone, and are surounded with a moat filled with water, and quagmire at the bottom.As ussual, i think it looks good, but it does lack towers. 

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  • Catfishperson

    Happy Thanksgiving

    November 23, 2017 by Catfishperson

    Happy Thanksgibing everyone!

    let us all gib thanks to moofins for this great mod

    thank you moofins!

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  • Half-troll Hero

    Orc camp

    November 19, 2017 by Half-troll Hero

    In this blog, i will showcase my orc camp 

    This build was made in survival mode.It consists of a few tents, which vary in shape and size,which suggests that the orcs living in these tents have varying ranks.The tents are connected with a small path.The whole camp is build near a river, because the camp serves as a settlement for orcs.

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  • Half-troll Hero

    My first blog post

    November 15, 2017 by Half-troll Hero

    Hello! In my blog posts i showcase some of my recent LOTR mod builds, starting with this one:

    It is a small Mordor base i made in a survival world.I think it looks pretty good, it certainly looks like something from Mordor, but it might look a bit too square.

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  • High King Ithilion

    Some of you may have heard by now the news that Amazon plans to make a TV Series set in Middle-earth. It will be before the events of the Fellowship of the Ring, but there is yet no info on what canon plotline if any the series will be following. An unknown deal has been made with New Line Cinema, producers of the Hobbit and LotR Films, and in a surprise move, the Tolkien Estate will be partaking in the production as well. In fact, the Estate were the ones to approve the show, not the film-and-game group Middle Earth Enterprises.

    What does this mean for the series? Essentially, we could get several results: a show based …

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  • Longerbeard

    Re:My "leaving" blogpost

    November 12, 2017 by Longerbeard

    Sometimes I go ahead and check some posts and messages I typed with my older accounts, just to check how bad the grammar was.

    And oh boy, was I in for a treat when I remembered my 2 years old blogpost about leaving the wiki. (

    It was so bad, I couldnt even understand what I was trying to say (like "One person asked a very simple thing, and immedeatly got offended for illetarate etc because he didn't look it up. " . Do you know what I meant with that? Cuz I sure dont.) I also did it with my PMC account once, where I discovered the age where I didnt understand the whole your VS you're thing.

    Anyways, does anyone else check up on "old" accounts every once in a while?

    And if so, what…

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  • Gen. Grievous1138

    And shortly after the last one, it's time for more Mordor. I have now completed all of Nurn with the most builds of any update yet (though most of them are small.)

    Alongside previous additions of Minas Morgul, the Udun fortresses, the strongholds of the Ephel Duath and Ered Lithui, Barad-dur, and Mount Doom, I have for you the following:

    • Thaurband - The capital fortress of Nurn, Thaurband is a colossal city-prison home to thousands of Orcs and human prisoners and slaves. As the nexus for most of southern Mordor, Thaurband features vast prisons and warehouses, orc-barracks, slave barracks, command towers, a supply yard, and a port on the river Guthrant, as well as three command towers.
    • Port Annurnen - A port on the western Sea of Nurnen, near …
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  • S'moregoth

    An Unexpected Blogpost

    November 1, 2017 by S'moregoth

    Greetings everyone! I have decided (as you can tell) to start a blog! I am hoping (eventually) to post a lot of my ideas, adventures, and builds here, but, until then, I am starting small. So, here is my first blogpost! Any thoughts or pointers on it would be great!

    Happy Halloween, everyone! Seeing as it is Halloween, I decided it would be fun to get into the spirit of things (pun intended) and attempt my first Barrow-Downs run.

    Until then, I had not attempted to go to the Downs, on account of it being dangerous, but after reading up on it, I decided to try it, so, I gathered a few necessities from my house in Hobbiton (a Blue Dwarven Pike and three wineskins of Athelas Brew, among other things), saddled Ghâshmir (my trusty, yet utterly sca…

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  • Fenrir lokisen


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  • Kickratgames

    Fort Ulifeiuar

    October 28, 2017 by Kickratgames

    Vilkommen, I am Kickratgames I started looking for a norse type faction and finally remebered the Northmen. So I created a world and made a fortress ​Fort Ulifeiuar ​or Fort of the Flaming Wolf I made this entire thing in around 60 mins. Also if any server owners are looking for a builder tell me. I have been trying to find a server that needs a builder to work on cities, towns, forts, etc.

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