The World is indeed full of peril and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair.

–Haldir, Lothlórien, The Fellowship of the Ring

The Lord of The Rings mod uses the work of J.R.R. Tolkien to map out the great regions of Middle-earth. All the main regions are present in the correct place on a 1:20 scale with the original work. Sub biomes can replace their main region randomly to add more variation to the landscape.

The mod uses its own biome list instead of expanding on the vanilla list, preventing compatibility problems and allowing more differentiating biomes than the vanilla list is limited to. Prior to Public Beta 22, this list was limited to 256 regions in the Middle-earth dimension, but, as of January 6, 2014, Mevans has announced that he can add even more biomes to Middle-earth, should that be needed.

Below is an interactive map of Middle-earth and its surrounding regions as of Public Beta 32.


Note to editors: To update the map image here, simply upload the new map to the wiki as 'MiddleEarth.png' and the template will automatically update.

List of Regions Edit

Middle-earth Edit

Here's a list of all biomes defined in the mod, sorted by the mod's Biome ID number. The numbers are of no meaningful use in this context, but merely mentioned for consistency with the mod's code. Some numbers are no longer in use and referred to as dummy. These can be assigned to new biomes in future Updates.

Click the link to the right to display.

0. River
1. Rohan
2. Misty Mountains
Misty Mountains Forested Valley
3. Shire
4. Shire Woodlands
5. Mordor
6. Mordor Mountains
7. Gondor
8. White Mountains
WhiteMountains new
9. Lothlórien
Lothlorien B26
10. Field of Celebrant
Field of Celebrant Flowers
11. Iron Hills
Iron Hills B26
12. Dead Marshes
Dead Marshes B26
13. Trollshaws
Trollshaws Pond
14. Woodland Realm
Woodland Realm B26
15. Mirkwood Corrupted
16. Uruk Highlands
Uruk Highlands B27.2
17. Emyn Muil
Emyn Muil B27.2
18. Ithilien
Ithilien B27.2
19. Pelargir
20. dummy
21. Lone-lands
Glf LoneLandsBlog HillmanVillage
22. Weather Hills
Weathertop B25
23. Dunland
24. Fangorn
Fangorn B27.2 - Clearing near Derndingle
25. Angle
26. Ettenmoors
Ettenmoors B27.2
27. Old Forest
Old Forest B27.2 - Tall and Taller Oaks
28. Harondor
Harondor B27.2 - Desert Oaks
29. Eriador
30. Eriador Downs
31. Eryn Vorn
32. Grey Mountains
Grey Mountains B27.2 - Peaks and foothills
33. Midgewater
34. Brown Lands
Brown Lands B27
35. The Sea
36. Anduin Hills
37. Meneltarma
38. Gladden Fields
39. Lothlórien Edge
Lothlorien Edge Clearing B26
40. Forodwaith
41. Enedwaith
Enedwaith B24
42. Angmar
43. Eregion
PB29 preview - Eregion road
44. Lindon
45. Lindon Woodlands
Lindon B27.2 - Tall and Huge Birch - Large Beech
46. East Bight
Sunrise over the East Bight
47. Blue Mountains
48. Mirkwood Mountains
Mirkwood Mountains B27
49. Wilderland
50. Dagorlad
51. Núrn
52. Sea of Núrnen
Sea of Nurnen
53. Núrn Marshes
Nurn Marshes
54. dummy
55. Angmar Mountains
Angmar Mountains
56. Mouths of Anduin
Ethir Anduin
57. Mouths of Entwash
Mouths Of Entwash
58. Dor-en-Ernil
Dor En Ernil new
59. Dor-en-Ernil Hills
Dor-en-Ernil Hills
60. Fangorn Wasteland
61. Rohan Woodlands
Rohan Woodlands
62. Gondor Woodlands
Gondor Woodlands
63. Lake
Eriador B27.2 - Lake Evendim
64. Lindon Coast
Lindon Coastline
65. Barrow-downs
66. Long Marshes
Long Marshes
67. Fangorn Clearing
Fangorn B27.2 - Clearing near Derndingle
68. Ithilien Hills
Ithilien Hills
69. Ithilien Wasteland
Ithilien Wasteland B27.2
70. Nindalf
71. Coldfells
Coldfells B24
72. Nan Curunír
Nan Curunir
74. White Downs
Eriador B27.2 - White Downs
75. Swanfleet
76. Pelennor Fields
77. Minhiriath
Minhiriath B24
78. Erebor
79. Northern Mirkwood
Northern Mirkwood Hills B24
80. Woodland Realm Hills
Woodland Realm Hills
81. Nan Ungol
Nan Ungol Region
82. Pinnath Gelin
83. Island
Island (Biome)
84. Forodwaith Mountains
Forodwaith Mountains
85. Misty Mountains Foothills
Misty Mountains Foothills
86. Grey Mountains Foothills
Grey Mountains Foothills
87. Blue Mountains Foothills
Blue Mountains Foothills
88. Northlands
89. Northern Forests
Northern Forests
90. Breeland
91. Chetwood
92. Forodwaith Glacier
Forodwaith glaicier
93. White Mountains Foothills
White Mountains Foothills
94. Beach
95. Gravel Beach
Gravel Beach
96. Near Harad
Near Harad
97. Far Harad
Far Harad
98. Harad Mountains
HaradMountains better
99. Umbar
Umbar B27.2
100. Far Harad Jungle
Far Harad Jungle
101. Umbar Hills
Umbar Hills
102. dummy
103. Far Harad Jungle Lake
Far Harad Jungle Lake
105. Far Harad Forest
Far harad forest
106. Near Harad Fertile
Near Harad Fertile B25
107. Pertorogwaith
Pertorogwaith B27.2
108. Umbar Forest
Umbar Forest
109. Far Harad Jungle Edge
Far Harad Jungle Edge
110. Tauredain Clearing
Tauredain Clearing
111. dummy
112. Emyn Winion
Emyn Winion
113. Tolfalas
114. Lebennin
115. Rhûn
2014-08-05 13.39.57
116. Rhûn Forest
Rhûn Forest
117. Red Mountains
Red Mountains Beta29
118. Red Mountains Foothills
Red Mountains Foothills
119. Dol Guldur
Dol Guldur Region
120. Near Harad Semidesert
121. Far Harad Arid Savannah
Arid Savannah Region
122. Far Harad Arid Savannah Hills
123. Far Harad Swampland
Far harad swampland
124. Far Harad Cloud Forest
Far harad jungle
125. Far Harad Bushland
Far harad bushland
126. Far Harad Bushland Hills
Far Harad Bushland Hills
127. Far Harad Mangrove
128. Near Harad Fertile Forest
Near Harad Fertile Forest
129. Vales of Anduin
Vales of Anduin
130. The Wold
The Wold
131. Shire Moors
132. Shire Marshes
Shire Marshes
133. Near Harad Red Desert
Near Harad Red Desert
134. Far Harad Volcano
135. Udûn
136. Gorgoroth
137. Morgul Vale
PB29 preview - new flowers in Morgul Vale
138. Eastern Desolation
Eastern Desolation
139. Dale
Dale B28
140. Dorwinion
141. Tower Hills
Tower Hills
142. dummy
143. Northern Wilderland
Northern Wilderland
144. Forodwaith Coast
Forodwaith Coast
145. Far Harad Coast
Far Harad Coast
146. Near Harad Riverbank
Near Harad Riverbank
147. Lossarnach
148. Imloth Melui
Imloth Melui
149. Near Harad Oasis
PB29 preview - Near Harad Desert Oasis 1
150. White Beach
White Beach
151. South Harondor
South Gondor Beta29 12
152. Lamedon
153. Lamedon Hills
154. Blackroot Vale
2016-09-01 10.46.18
155. Andrast
156. Drúwaith Iaur
Drúwaith Iaur 6
157. Rhúdel
158. Rhúdel Steppe
Rhúdel Steppe
159. Rhúdel Hills
Rhúdel Hills
160. Eryn Caran
161. Tol Rhúnaer
2017-02-15 11.34.36
162. Eryn Rhúnaer
Eryn Rhúnaer
163. Last Desert
Last Desert
164. Mountains of the Wind
2017-02-14 21.50.34
165. Foothills of the Wind
Foothills of the Wind

Note that the 'River' and 'Lake' biomes are used for all predefined rivers and lakes on the map, except for the Sea of Rhûn and the Sea of Núrnen.

Utumno Edit

Click link to the right to display the Utumno biomes in the mod.

0. Utumno

Biome Variants Edit

Many biomes have variants. A complete list of biome variants, and which biomes these can appear in, can be found here.

Common Vegetation and Animals Edit

Many plants and are common for large areas and many biomes of Middle-earth. These types of common vegetation (excl. trees!) and common animals are listed on two separate pages that provide info on their occurence. These common species are not separately listed in the infoboxes, and described in the text of the biome pages. Vegetation and animals (and other mobs) not considered 'common' are all mentioned separately in the infoboxes of the biome pages, and sometimes also described in the page text.

Fixed Mountains and Hills Edit


The Eagles' Eyrie, as seen in Public Beta 25.2

Aside from the randomly-generated mountains that can be found in all of the mountain biomes and many of the other biomes, there are quite a few mountains and hills. that always spawn in the same spot, regardless of the world. These hills were added both to improve the realism of the geography and to make it easier for users to build fortresses at those waypoints without having to build the hill first (which was often really challenging if cheats weren't enabled).

These mountains are found at named waypoints, unless otherwise noted.

List of Fixed Mountains & Hills
Name Biome Location
Aldburg Rohan Aldburg
Amon Din Gondor Amon Din
Amon Hen Emyn Muil Amon Hen
Amon Lhaw Emyn Muil Amon Lhaw
Bag Hill The Shire Hobbiton
Belegost Blue Mountains Belegost
Bree Breeland Bree
Caradhras Misty Mountains Mount Caradhras
Calenhad Gondor Calenhad
Caras Galadhon Lothlórien Caras Galadhon
Carn Dum Angmar Carn Dum
Cerin Amroth Lothlórien Cerin Amroth
Dol Amroth Dor-en-Ernil Dol Amroth
Dol Guldur Dol Guldur Dol Guldur
Eagles Eyrie Misty Mountains Eagles Eyrie
East Peak Iron Hills East Peak
Edoras Rohan Edoras
Eilenach Gondor Eilenach
Erebor Erebor Erebor
Erech Gondor Erech
Erelas Gondor Erelas
Halifirien Gondor Halifirien
Mindolluin Gondor Mindolluin
Minrimmon Gondor Min-Rimmon
Mt. Celebdil Misty Mountains Mount Celebdil
Mt. Doom Mordor North of Mount Doom waypoint
Mt. Fanuidhol Misty Mountains Mount Fanuidhol
Mt. Gram Misty Mountains Mount Gram
Mt. Gundabad Misty Mountains Mount Gundabad
Mt. Methedras Misty Mountains Mount Methedras
Nardol Gondor Nardol
Nogrod Blue Mountains Nogrod
Tomb of Elendil Gondor Secret...
Treebeard's Hill Fangorn Treebeard Hill
Weathertop Lone-lands North of Weathertop waypoint
West Peak Iron Hills West Peak
  • The Shire
  • The Blue Mountains
  • Lindon
  • Mordor
  • Fangorn
  • Misty Mountains
  • Angmar
  • Hill of Dol Guldur.png Dol Guldur
  • Rohan
  • Lothlórien
  • Gondor
  • Mirkwood
  • Woodland Realm
  • Erebor
  • Dale
  • Harondor
  • Near Harad Fertile
  • Far Harad Savannah
  • Near Harad Volcano
  • The Sea
  • Chetwood
  • Meneltarma
  • Red Mountains
  • Harad Mountains
  • Forodwaith
  • Far Harad Cloud Forest
  • Far Harad Jungle
Biomes of the Lord of the Rings Mod
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AndrastAngleAngmarBarrow-downsBlackroot ValeBlue MountainsBree-landBrown Lands


ChetwoodColdfellsDagorladDaleDead MarshesDol GuldurDor-en-ErnilDorwinionDrúwaith IaurDunland


East BightEastern DesolationEmyn MuilEnedwaithEreborEregionEriadorEryn CaranEryn VornEttenmoorsFangornFar Harad (Bushland, Jungle, Mangrove, Savannah, Swampland, Volcano) • Field of CelebrantForodwaithGladden FieldsGondorGorgorothGrey MountainsHarad MountainsHarondor


Iron HillsIslandIthilienLamedonLebenninLindonLone-landsLong MarshesLossarnachLothlórien


MeneltarmaMidgewaterMinhiriathMirkwood (Northern) • Misty MountainsMordorMordor MountainsMorgulduinMorgul ValeMouths of AnduinMouths of EntwashNan CurunírNan UngolNear Harad (Fertile) • NindalfNorthern ForestNorthlandsNúrnOld ForestOrocarniPelargirPelennor FieldsPertorogwaithPinnath Gelin


RhúdelRhûnRivendellRocky CoastlineRohanSea of NúrnenSwanfleetThe SeaThe ShireTolfalasTrollshaws


UdûnUruk HighlandsUmbarUtumnoVales of AnduinWeather HillsWhite DownsWhite MountainsWilderlandWoodland Realm

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AngleAngmarBarrow-downsBlue MountainsBree-landChetwoodColdfellsDunlandEnedwaithEregionEriadorEryn VornEttenmoorsLindonLone-landsMidgewaterMinhiriathOld ForestRivendellSwanfleetThe ShireTrollshawsWeather HillsWhite Downs


Brown LandsDagorladDaleDead MarshesDol GuldurEast BightEmyn MuilEreborField of CelebrantGladden FieldsGrey MountainsIron HillsLong MarshesLothlórienMirkwood (Northern) • Misty MountainsVales of AnduinWilderlandWoodland Realm


AndrastBlackroot ValeDor-en-ErnilDrúwaith IaurFangornGondorHarondorIthilienLamedonLebenninLossarnachMouths of AnduinMouths of EntwashNan CurunírNindalfPelargirPelennor FieldsPinnath GelinRohanTolfalasWhite Mountains


Eastern DesolationGorgorothMordor (Biome)Mordor MountainsMorgulduinMorgul ValeNan UngolNúrnSea of NúrnenUdûn


Far Harad (Bushland, Jungle, Mangrove, Savannah, Swampland, Volcano) • Harad MountainsNear Harad (Fertile) • PertorogwaithUmbar


DorwinionEryn CaranOrocarniRhúdelRhûn


ForodwaithNorthlandsNorthern ForestUtumno


IslandMeneltarmaRocky CoastlineThe Sea


Biome variantsDesertsForestsIslandsMountainsSwamps

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