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This server is mainly about playing together with other LOTR-enthusiasts, we strive to have epic battles, events and role-play situations together! When you enter Middle-Earth for the first time you are asked to choose a side (good or evil) and then select a faction. When you have selected a faction your adventure will begin!

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Rules Edit

To maintain order on this server, we do need some rules. Please stick to these! Not listening to these wlll result in punishment.

  • Do not grief and destroy other players' houses/buildings, even if you repair it afterward you will be punished. Bridging into another's base next to a claim is also not allowed.
  • You are allowed to argue with staff and ask questions about things you don't like but remember: the staff has the final word and they are allowed to ban/kick/mute you if you take it too far.
  • Do not harass other players. Be respectful.
  • You can be muted for misbehaving in chat or for using bad words. Keep in mind that there are also younger players who play this game.
  • You are not allowed to hide your map position and alignment. Everyone should be able to see where you are and who you are friends with.
  • The Overworld and Nether are not allowed. If you find a way to get there, please inform a staff member and don't abuse it.
  • Using mounts or other 'glitches' to gain access to peoples bases isn't allowed. However, parkour is not forbidden. If you happen to be a ninja the opponent should just protect his base better. :-)
  • Waypoints are not to be placed in small, unclaimed areas in a base. If you have an old waypoint that was there before that area was claimed by someone, remove it.
  • Utumno is blocked. We may have events there, but no player will get their hands on the Balrog Whip.
  • When gaining alignment, you should use the in-game menu to determine which factions you should be allied with and which you should be opposed to. We don't want players to have positive alignment with enemy factions, or negative with allied factions. However, there are exceptions to this. For example, Dunland is evil and Dwarves are good but they are actually allied. In this case, you're allowed to gain alignment with a faction of the opposite side.
  • You can loot mod-structures but don't ruin them, keep the world nice and tidy. (no half flying structures or ugly demolished villages.) Also, ruining waypoints isn't allowed, don't build on or near them.
  • Claiming outside your faction's territory is allowed, but if a fellowship claims the territory in which you placed a banner (check the territory map), the banner will be removed. So it is a risky thing to store valuables out of your homeland... Note: Claiming inside your factions' territory is always allowed, regardless of fellowship-territories.
  • No banner may be placed within 500 blocks of another player's banner-claim/build unless agreed upon.
  • You can choose your own nickname but only normal custom Middle-Earth names are allowed. Important names which are mentioned in the books or movies aren't allowed.
  • Don't ask the staff if you can become a builder, moderator or admin. If we need more staff we will ask you, not the other way around. We want motivated people who want to help to make the server better and not people who just want more power.
  • At any time you are allowed to use max. 30 ACTIVE hired units.
  • The killing of units which are halted in someone's base is not allowed! This does mean that if you leave the game you should make sure that all your units are halted within your base, outside they are allowed to get killed!
  • If a fellowship wants to fight with another fellowship, ask a staff member to organize a battle. (For more about this read the Paragraph named Battles.)
  • For PvP, we have a special system. Every player is able to toggle it on/off. When you have it disabled you can't hit others and others can't hit you.
  • You may only turn off PvP while in your homeland. Homeland is your factions' territory and your fellowships' territory. Note: If a fellowship is still trying to claim a new territory they don't own it so it doesn't count as a homeland territory. [Penalty for not turning it on outside homeland: Verbal warning followed by a 3-day ban if abused, no exceptions!]
  • During a PvP fight: disabling PvP, teleporting players to or away from the fight, combat-logging are strictly prohibited.
  • When you get killed by an enemy player in enemy lands, you have to stay out of those territories for at least 20 minutes. Coming back within mentioned time gets you one warning.

Nothing is perfect, neither these rules. Anything is up for discussion on Discord!

Fellowships Edit

Fellowships are groups of players with a leader. At first, they can claim one area and make a base there. Once the main base is done they can start expanding their territory by making new bases (in survival) in nearby areas. They can also take over other fellowships' bases.

Joining a fellowship Edit

If you want to join a fellowship, the leader can invite you and give you a custom tag which will show that you are part of that fellowship. (The limit is 12 members per fellowship.)

Once you are part of a fellowship you can actually get a roleplay role, however, this is not required. You can pick a title from the mod's in-game menu or make something up and apply for it in-game or on Discord. Staff will judge whether it's a suitable tag for your circumstances. (roles like king, prince, wizards, etc. are not allowed)

Within fellowships there are ranks. Each rank adds a different symbol before the fellowship-name in chat.

Rank Symbol Example of how the chat will look like
Leader *** ***<fellowship> <title> <nickname>: <message>
Second in command ** **<fellowship> <title> <nickname>: <message>
Member * *<fellowship> <title> <nickname>: <message>

Creating a fellowship Edit

If you want to create a fellowship you can apply on Discord. On there you will find a special channel where you can submit your application.

To transfer leadership of a Fellowship, the new leader must resubmit an application on Discord before you leave the Fellowship. Transfers are free of charge. Failure to transfer leadership before leaving will lead to the dissolution of your Fellowship.

Make sure to write down the following things:

  • Your username
  • Why you should be leader
  • From which faction your fellowship will be a part and how your fellowship should be named.
  • On which area on the map you would like to start.


  • At least 500 alignment with your faction
  • 5000 silver coins
  • At least one player who wants to join your fellowship. You can't start a fellowship on your own.

The staff will handle applications as soon as we are able. Please be patient!

Warning: If the leader of a fellowship is inactive for 3 weeks, he will automatically lose leadership! (Joining once in a week for 30 minutes will still count as inactivity.) Also, the maximum amount of members for a fellowship is currently set at 12.

List of all Fellowships Edit

Name of the fellowship Faction Owner Territory Points
Race: Men
North Harad Trading Near Harad DarkOwlRecords / ~Namir
Brighav Nauk-alm Moredain YazanTheGreat /


Brighav Territory
Cair Andros Gondor King_Woozle / ~Daxos
Riddermark Rohan superiorspider10 / ~Araunus
Bardhaven Dale prettygh0stb0y
Bardhaven Territory
Arthedain Dunedain of the North EatingApples / ~Amardir
Race: Hobbits
Shire Militia Hobbit CopntheWizard
Race: Elves
Imladris Rivendell BabyChickenGamer / ~ Gil-Laer
Race: Dwarves
Ered Mithrin Durins Folk Rupertolot / ~Rhain
Bloodhammers Durin's Folk Glorifendel14 / ~Frerin_VIII
Bloodhammer Territory
Race: Orcs
Carn Dûm Angmar Death_Stroke_1 / ~Death_Stroke
Sauron'uk Ushtar Mordor Dumberthandumb / ~KingDumb
Sauron&#039;uk Ushtar Territory
Race: Uruks

Expanding fellowship territory Edit

Key features Edit

All Fellowship builds are to be done in SURVIVAL. Fellowships need to mine their own stone and chop their own trees. This rule applies just as much to the staff as it does to normal players. Creative or fly can only be used by builders for their server-related lore builds.

Lore builds cannot be used to hold an area and cannot be besieged. Nor can they be used to generate Fellowship Points  (FP’s). Lore builds are used for dungeons and quests, fellowships shouldn't interfere with those.

Fellowships will require a fellowship base, called the Stronghold, as well as an initial settlement to begin claiming. The buildings within the settlement will generate the Points required to expand.      

When a fellowship is formed they need to select their main area within a biome or sub-biome containing the chosen faction. For example, a Rivendell fellowship is a part of the Rivendell faction, therefore they shall build their Fellowship base and starting settlement in one of the areas located in their home Biome. These 'areas or territories' can be found on the territory-map.

Note: These rules may not apply to custom fellowships. Consult a staff member if you aren't sure.

How to claim Edit

Fellowships can build a small fortified stronghold (aka: encampment) in an area which connects to their territory. (See the map for all the possible areas) The encampment must be survival built and look like a small fortified castle or camp. The fellowship leader then applies on Discord to have the build approved. Once approved the fellowship must pay the required resources and points fees. Fees are to be handed over to a member of Staff.    

Fee to build an "encampment" in home biome: 2000 coins, 64 iron, 32 gold, 5 stacks of food and a certain amount of fellowship points.

Fee to build an "encampment" in anywhere outside the home biome: 4000 coins, 128 iron, 64 gold, 10 stacks of food and a certain amount of fellowship points.

Note: ALL food for claiming purposes must be prepared food (ie: bread [all varieties], cooked veggies or meat).

Cost of Claiming (in FP’s):

  •   6 FP’s for areas in home biome
  • 10 FP’s for areas in allied/neutral/wild biomes
  • 15 FP’s for areas in hostile biomes

Territory map Edit

Click here to view the image in a bigger resolution. (You can zoom in to get a clear image of your territory)

Buildings Edit

To get more FP, you have to build certain buildings. These are initially placed in your main base but once you own more territory you can also build them in your other settlements. All buildings are guidelines, use your imagination when building. Have fun!

Categories: Edit

  • Encampment - Claiming build. This is the defensive fortress for the area. It may be besieged in times of war and taken by the enemy. Defend at all costs. Only 1 encampment is required per area. Once a village is built the encampment becomes a Stronghold and may be upgraded. This build is an extension of the Fellowship’s main Stronghold and like the main stronghold the following apply:
    • Required in order to take points
    • Generates NO points.
  • Village - Source of easy to obtain fellowship points. All Villages MUST start with a well or nearby source of water. After which up to Five (5) buildings may be built with at least 3 of the buildings being homes. Up to 3 villages may be built per area. 1 village must be within sight of the encampment. Upon completion, the fellowship will be rewarded Five (5) fellowship points for each Village
  • Town - Once a Staff member has approved a village for the proper number of buildings and faction-related builds, it may be upgraded to a Town. A Town may have up to Ten (10) buildings and include a well, One (1) decorative feature (garden, statue, etc), and MUST be protected by basic forms of defenses. Upon completion, the fellowship will be rewarded Five (5) more points.
  • City - Once a town has the above requirements and has been approved by the staff, it may be upgraded to a City, the largest source of fellowship points. A City must include no less than 15 buildings, 2 wells, 2 decorative features, and 1 monument. Upon completion, the fellowship will be rewarded Five (5) more points.
  • Industry - Farms, Lumber mills, mines, quarries, etc. Anything outside of a settlement that may provide the people with a source of income. Up to Five (5) forms of Industry is allowed PER AREA and will reward the Fellowship Two (2) points PER build, to a total of Ten (10) points
  • A Fully upgraded and developed area is worth Fifty (55) Fellowship points

Building types Edit

Barracks - Barracks, Jailhouse, Manor: satisfies 1 building requirement. At least one of the previous examples is needed to be able to purchase an NPC Commander and for the ability to garrison troops at the settlement.

- The number of beds, armour stands, chests, etc within a barracks will determine the maximum number of troops allowed to garrison the settlement.

Blacksmith/Metalworker - Blacksmiths, foundries, etc: satisfies 1 building requirement. At least one Smithy is needed to be able to purchase an NPC Blacksmith trader.

Homes - Common dwelling for NPC’s and players. It is required that there be at least a 3:2 ratio of Homes to Business buildings. (Example: a village has 5 buildings. 3 must be homes and 2 may be chosen from the business examples)

[Therefore, a city with 15 buildings may have 10 homes and 5 other buildings.]

Market - Marketplace or Shop: satisfies 1 building requirement per 4 market stalls or Shop building. At least one Market is needed to be able to purchase an NPC trader.

Stables - Stable, kennels, pit: satisfies 1 building requirement. At least one Stable is needed to be able to purchase a NPC Stable hand trader.

- A Stable may have 1 NPC trader for every 6 stalls or pens.

Dock/Wharf - Docks, wharf, harbor: satisfies 1 building requirement. At least one of the previous examples is needed to be able to claim nearby islands.

Farmland, Mills, Mine, Quarry, etc - This is the industry that will provide income to your claimed area. These are built OUTSIDE of any bases or settlements. Any of the above examples will reward the area with two (2) points per build to a max of 10 points. Each example must be at least the size of a silver bannered area 32x32 block area.


-Required for City development -Small statue or Fountain. May be placed in a plaza, park area or otherwise decorated area. Faction banners required. (WIP) -Large statue or monument build in a large enclosed park area or otherwise decorated area. Faction banners required. (WIP)

***** All buildings are guidelines, use your imagination when building. Have fun! :) ****

Buying NPC spawn eggs Edit

Fellowship Leaders may purchase NPC spawn egg. These eggs cost Silver coins AND Fellowship points to purchase and may be placed in their corresponding builds or inside Fellowship bases.

- Common NPC’s - 2500 silver coins plus 2 FP’s each. [Faction Traders, Bakers, Bartenders, Brewers, Butchers, Farmer, Fishmonger, Florist, Greengrocer, Lumberjack, Stonemason]

- Commanders and Blacksmiths - 5000 silver coins plus 3 FP’s each.

- Traveling Traders - 10000 silver coins plus 5 FP's each.

***** Future changes may be added to include NPC Faction buildings to allow NPC's to respawn and/or populate villages and strongholds *****

Alternate ways to gain Fellowship Points Edit

- Invading an enemy area

Claimed areas may be attacked and eventually conquered. This is possible only when two Fellowship, regardless of alignment, share a common border.  The invading force must build a small war camp just inside the enemy area. From here the fellowship may attempt to attack the defending Fellowship’s encampment. The winning side is rewarded as per the wiki rules for sieges.

- Alignment bonuses

Players who have reached an alignment of more than 1500 points within their Fellowships Faction  will earn their Fellowships [REWARD] 1 FP per player.

Please note that you may claim up to 3 territories shown on the Territory Map per week, this is to prevent very powerful fellowships from claiming the whole map very quickly.

War! Edit

Declaring War Edit

So, you wanna go to war, eh? The first step is to decide what exactly you're fighting for! Well, there's only two reasons to be fighting.

  1. Land: If you border an enemy, you may declare war on them for the purpose of conquering a single territory that is adjacent to your borders. You may not conquer their Capital territory.
  2. Tribute: Sometimes you want to get rich, sometimes you just want to humiliate your enemy. Regardless, you may declare a Tributary war on any enemy faction. If you win, they have to pay you 2,000 silver coins plus an additional 100 per member.

Now that you've decided what you want from the war, you have to let your enemy know that you're fighting! To do that, you must send a message on our Discord #negotiating-table channel.

The moment this message (referred to as ‘Declaration’) is sent into the war channel, 24 hours will be given for the receiving fellowship to acknowledge the Declaration. Once 24 hours have elapsed with no response from the receiving fellowship (the one being declared on), it is assumed that they have read and acknowledged the Declaration. In that 24 hours, other fellowships may wish to join in and ally with the initiating fellowship (the one making the Declaration) or the receiving fellowship.

Once you are at war, Wartime Rules of Engagement are in place.

Make your declarations using the templates below. Replace every statement starting with a dollar sign with the relevant information (i.e: $YourName becomes ToTheFarWest).

Declaration Edit


I, $YourName, leader of $Fellowship, hereby declare war on $OpposingFellowship for the conquest of $Territory.
I, $YourName, leader of $Fellowship, hereby declare a Tributary War on $OpposingFellowship.

Participating as an ally Edit

$YourFellowship announces its participation in the war on the side of $YourAlly against $YourEnemy and their allies.

Ending a War Edit

There are 3 possible endings to a war

  1. The defenders surrender, giving up the contested province or tribute. They may surrender at any time, but they must surrender if the attackers Siege 50%+1 of their provinces
  2. A White Peace, where neither side loses anything. Can be agreed upon at any time.
  3. The attackers stand down, paying reperations (2000 silver coins) to the defenders. They may do this at any time, but they must surrender if the defenders siege 25%+1 of their provinces.

Payments do not have to be made up-front; weekly rates may be discussed at the #negotiating-table.

Regardless of how the war ends, all involved parties are now in a Truce of 1 week with the main two fellowships. So in a Mordor v Gondor fight, where Gundabad allied with Mordor and Rohan allied with Gondor, nobody may declare war on Gondor or Mordor, but Rohan and Gundabad may declare war on each other. Make sense? No? War never makes any sense.

Siege Edit

In order to complete your war goal, you must Siege the enemy down. The Siege is just a battle done at the Encampment/Stronghold in the defending territory; however, in order to get to the battle, the attackers must March from the encampment in their nearest adjacent territory all the way to the encampment they wish to take. Battles are won by being the last team with players still standing. 

Conditions for a march Edit

  1) There must be at least 2 members of the defending alliance online at the time the march has started

  2) Each player's troop count is limited by their alignment

  3) Each player must only use wartime equipment

How to March Edit

  1) The attackers must all be announced at the beginning of the march with the leader using the command /me , $playername, $playername, and $playername are beginning to march on $territory

  2) No other attackers may be added during the march

  3) Attackers must march on foot or horseback from their nearest controlled territory to the player build in the territory they wish to siege

  4) Attackers may need to fight off ambushes from the Defenders during their march. Attackers may not replenish their troops during a march, though the leader may call off the march with /me calls off the march on $territory or individual members may leave the march with /me abandons the march on $territory

  5) Once the attackers are within sight of the build, they must announce that /me has reached $territory

  6) Immediately afterwards, attackers must count the defending players. If the difference between attackers and defenders is 2 or greater, the leader must place some players in reserve with the command /me has sent $player, $player, and $player into the reserves. Reserves may only join the battle if the Defenders gain more reenforcements mid-fight.

How to Defend Edit

  1) Once a march has begun, defenders may tp to the defending territory. They must announce that /me has joined the defense of $territory!

  2) Defenders may also harrass and ambush the attackers during the march. Defenders may buy more troops during the course of a march.

  3) Once the attackers have announced that they are within sight of the defending territory, any new defenders must complete a full March to the aid of the defending territory.  

Troops Edit

  • All players may bring to the field of battle a maximum of 30 REGULAR  troops (Warriors, Archers, Cavalry= 1pt.) or 20 ELITE troops (Elves,Rangers, Dwarves, Uruks, Banner bearers = 1.5pts.) depending on the amount of alignment with the player's home or allied Factions.
Alignment Troop maximum pts
500 10
1000 20
1500 25
2000+ 30
  • Above this you may hire a number of LARGE troops (Olog-hai, Trolls, Huorns) equal to 1 troop/ 500 alignment to a maximum of 5 LARGE troops. This is in addition to all other troops.
  • Example: Mordor lord with 2000 alignment may bring to battle:
  • 30 Orcs or 20 Uruk-Hai 
  • 20 Orcs + 5-7 Uruk-Hai or banner bearers 

Rules of Engagement Edit

Rules of engagement (RoE) differ in times of peace and war. The war RoE shall only be enforced once the receiving fellowship acknowledges the Declaration within 24 hours, or after 24 hours if there is no response from them. Unless either one of these conditions are met, peace RoE apply.   

Peace RoE Edit

  • No gear restrictions
  • No returning to enemy lands for 20 minutes if you are killed by a player native to said land
  • PvP must be turned on outside your homeland   

War RoE Edit

  • Faction armour and weapons only (mithril, galvorn, Gondolinian and Utumno gear are not allowed)
  • No Utumno enchantments
  • PvP turned on at all times
  • No returning to enemy lands for 10 minutes if you are killed by a player native to said land

Donations Edit

Renting a server isn't for free sadly. It comes with a monthy cost, and it is paid by staf-members. If you want to help us a little we have made a Patreon page where you can send donations, some of them come in exchange for a special tag on Discord & in-game!|

Click here to go to our Patreon.

Staff Edit

Ban Appeals Edit

If you are banned there is a chance that you might get unbanned. To get unbanned you need to send a ban appeal, you place it in the comments of this page.

Your ban appeal should contain:

  • Your playername
  • Why you were banned and do you think it is fair?
  • Why should we unban you?
Playername Rank
Veliks Developer
ToTheFarWest Developer
MegaCade Admin
BrokthoStonehelm Admin
JulianIced Head-Builder
aggelos002 Builder
blocks119 Builder
Geizritter Moderator
Cass537 Moderator
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