This server has been taken offline.

Battle of Arda is one one of many unofficial servers running the LOTR mod. This server has been around for a bit but has just made the switch to the LOTR mod. We have a small player base and a few dedicated staff members. Its owner is ColHogan91 and staff members are DeathlyEncounter, CastShadow1292, and Duxarium all active players and some new to the mod as well. The server focuses primarily on the fighting large-scale wars between factions, building simulating the politics of Middle-Earth, and role-playing. It runs bukkit and has many plugins (including World Edit, Group Manager, Essentials, and many others). Players are allowed to build great kingdoms both on their own or to correspond with the Major Builds! We also have a very complex ranking system and some factions have even developed trade agreements. So come join us and journey across a Middle Earth and participate in massive wars between kingdoms featuring great field battles and exciting sieges. We welcome all players but tend to respond better to players who are mature and understanding people. We currently have a Major Build Focus going on for anyone who is willing to focus their time to these great structures.

LOTR Version:

Beta 27.2


  • ColHogan91 [OWNER]
  • CastShadow1292 [S-Admin]
  • DeathlyEncounter [S-Admin]
  • CloneDork [Builder]
  • Duxarium [Moderator]

IP Address:


Major Builds

  • Weathertop 30%
  • Laketown 50%


Factions are run by the players and for the players. Players are given the opportunity to become leaders of official LOTR factions by applying on our forums as well as create their own factions in-game. The possibilities are endless so come join us today!

At present, only 10 of the factions have official leaders, although the majority of players play as citizens of various official and unofficial factions.

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