Bat is a moderator on the Facebook page for the mod. He is on of the main Admins on the Official Server. Bat has an account here on the wiki, CaptCaptain.

He is very well known for the love of kebab and was the second greatest supporter of adding it to the mod. He is also very well known for never beating MG in PvP, except from that one time. He is proficient in the art of "dank memes" and its respective sub-genre, "moist memes."

Bat is known for driving around the Shire in a black van, giving candy to little hobbit children. None ever come back.

Oh and if you mention that you hate Game Of Thrones to him, he'll send you his regards.

Quotes Edit

I have the toughness of an Ent, the fighting prowress of an Elf, and the sexual appeal of a Man.

Come here, little hobbit. I have a lollipop for you to suck on.

Hmmm, hrmmm. It takes a mighty long time to say "that's the spot" in Entish.

My mother was a whore in a harem. My dad liked to do kinky shit with branches, hence my affiliation with Fangorn.

Wood? I am not made of wood... Except when you are within five feet of me.

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