No other blade, not though mightier hands had wielded it, would have dealt that foe a wound so bitter, cleaving the undead flesh, breaking the spell that knit his unseen sinews to his will.

The Return of the King, The Battle of the Pellenor Fields

The Barrow Blade is a type of dagger which can be obtained either as loot in the Barrow-Downs barrow or as a drop from the Barrow-wight. They were known to be the ancient blades of the Men of the North, and were said to be relics of the Ancient kingdom of Cardolan.


Barrow Blades are currently only obtained as loot from Barrow-Downs barrows or as a drop from Barrow-wights, and are not craftable. However, they can be repaired on an anvil using iron-ingots.


The Barrow Blades were found in the barrow of a Barrow-wight on the Barrow-downs and given to the hobbits by Tom Bombadil, who told them that the blades were forged long ago by Men of Westernesse, foes of the Dark Lord who were overcome by the evil king of Carn Dûm in the Land of Angmar.

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