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Each year on April Fools' Day, some very interesting features appear in the mod:

  • Every NPC is named "Gandalf." (In the case of Gollum, and Saruman, he is named "Gandalf, the Gollum or Saruman")
  • The Hobbits grow to about four blocks high.
  • The Elves shrink to about half a block high.
  • Horses look like donkeys.
  • Every faction is named either "Yes Scotland" or "No Scotland."
  • Rabbits will continuously spin their bodies around like General Grievous' wheel.
  • Spears will look like giant wild boar whilst thrown on the ground.
  • Dwarves spawn upside-down and are stuck in the ground.
  • Wargs bodies are tilted. Looks like they have problems with their center of balance.
  • Trolls are all green (like Shrek). Mirk-trolls look sickly green.
  • Alchoholic beverages are called "Hooch."
  • "April Fools!" is added to NPC speech banks.
  • Normally a hobbit would fit easily into that hut.
  • This Mini-Elf can easily hide in the grass.
  • Angmar Orc riding a lopsided warg and green Trolls in the background.
  • Two upside-down dwarves stuck in the ceiling.
  • This hobbit shirriff has outgrown his pony. Also shows the "No Scotland" faction.
  • A massive Hobbit threatens me with a huge axe.

Public Beta 29 (April Fools Edition)Edit

During April Fools Day 2016, the Mod-Team attempted to fool players by stating that Public Beta 28 was taking too long to complete and that they had skipped forward to Public Beta 29 (see FB page for download link). However, the changelog of this update was very ambitious and appeared to add some of the most anticipated features of the Mod, including the Easterlings and more Rhûn content along with other planned features.

In reality the update was proven to be a hoax and instead of adding the Easterlings, it simply replaced all other factions' textures with Easterling textures so that:

  • All NPCs wear Easterling armour
  • All factions are known as Easterlings
  • All ingots become Rhûnic ingots
  • All weapons become Rhûnic weapons
  • All bricks become Rhûnic bricks
  • All biomes are identified as Rhun
  • All structures are renamed "Easterling house"
  • The "Spawn directly into Middle-earth" option is switched with a "Spawn directly into Rhun" option.
  • All banners become Easterling banners.

There is no danger of your builds or armies being permanently "trolled" since the Public Beta 29 changes appear to be client-side only. This was proven when a player logged onto a Public Beta 27.2 server with a Public Beta 29 client and saw everything appear as though it was in Public Beta 29. Though not confirmed, it is likely that the only changes were to the texture files and speech banks. On the day of Public Beta 29's actual release, Mevans accidentally placed the wrong Public Beta 29 file in the download description and players were accidentally trolled with the April Fool's version of the Mod.