Angmar brick is a type of block that belongs to the Angmar faction. It spawns naturally in Angmar towers and Angmar shrines.

Crafting Edit

Angmar crafting recipe
Angmar Crafting
Angmar Brick

Angmar brick can be crafted in batches of four on an Angmar crafting table using four stone. The slabs, stairs, and walls are also made on this crafting table, using the normal Minecraft recipes.

Cracked Edit

heat needed
Angmar Brick
any kind of fuel
Cracked Angmar Brick

To make the cracked variant, first craft regular bricks (see above). Then smelt them in a furnace or any type of forge. The cracked slabs, stairs, and walls can now be made on an Angmar crafting table, using the normal Minecraft recipes.

Gulduril Edit

Only the bricks (normal or cracked) can be put into the world and then right-clicked with gulduril to create a (cracked) gulduril Angmar brick. It will appear to be enveloped in a green sheen, similar to gulduril Mordor bricks and gulduril Dol Guldur bricks. These blocks can be used to make Morgul portals. After creation, you can harvest the blocks with a silk-touch pickaxe. A normal pickaxe will only yield the original block.


Cracked (upper row) and normal (lower row). From left to right: Wall, gulduril, block, stairs, slab.

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