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AncarCraft: The Fourth Age is the first Italian server with the Lord Of The Ring mod! The Fourth Age focusses on presenting you the immense content of the LOTR Mod. Additionally, a number of plugins (not too intrusive) are used to offer you great GamePlay and a great way to vent your anger.

Sharpen your swords and battle-axes, arrange your armor and venture out to conquer Middle-earth by defeating hordes of Orcs, Elves, Hobbits, trees and much more!

Choose the race of your character (Human, Elf, Orc or Dwarf) and decide which faction (kingdom) earns your characters loyalty!

Ip of the server:

We are anxious for a commemorable adventure with roleplay, war and so on!

Kingdoms (factions): Edit

Durin's Folk: The dwarves of Durin's Folk are now led by King Anatar The Red (OdinHaddock) , who replaced the previous reigning of Fundin, and before them DainIronFoot and Riccardicus. The building of Khazad Dum is finished, now the capital of the kingdom is the most great city-fortness of the world (3500 x 5000+, over 500 Halls and more). The Durin's Folk owns part of the misty mountains, the grey mountains and iron hills, in addition to the lonely mountain (Erebor), and some colonies like thorin's hall and glittering cave.

Blue Dwarven: Dwarves of the Blue Mountains are led by the King blackorigin [new "name" here], who rose trough the ranks and was crowned, yet whose cities are still under construction. Nevertheless he will prove a good ruler as expected, to whom all Dwarves of the Ered Luin will bow to and serve.

Gondor: The great kingdom of men of Gondor was once ruled by King hamidm1234, who abandoned his post to make way for King Wolfen. The kingdom of Gondor has experienced an economic stalemate - politics, everything has changed with the advent of king SirMatte (Elessar). He has restructured the Eilenach fortress, expanded the city of Ethring (once home of Wolfen). SirMatte (Elessar) built the impressive Minas Tirith, and many other fortresses throughout his reign. Now Sirmatte (Elessar) is passed away and the New King is Hexperim.

Rohan: The kingdom of the Horse Lords was once governed by tuonobotto (Eomer), he built Edoras and has placed its capital, he has finish to building the Helm's Deep, and other structures and fortresses throughout the Mark! Who wants to become the King of Rohan?

Dunland: The tribes of Dunland still do not have a central government, but there are several people who claim the throne. Nevertheless, Dunland continuous rivalries against Rohan, the Fords of Isen have now become a trench. For many time the king of Dunland was Onerves, but now he is passed away.. Who wants to become the King of Dunland?

Rangers Of The North: The kingdom of Arnor is rebuilt with Morgorf (King Aravorn) as it's king reigning in Fornost. Long time ago another Dunedain, named Aleksej, reigning in Annúminas, he wanted to either claim the throne or create independent kingdom of Arthedain but he fail. Now the peace and prosperity rule in the restored kingdom of Arnor, while King Aravorn has finished building the new city fortness of Tharbad.

Mordor: The dark kingdom of the eye is led by DragonMaster (Sauron), since the dawn has continued with courage and strength his wars against free peoples who are humans, dwarves or elves, bringing both great victories and heavy defeats! Sauron has built many fortresses to hold his number and immense army, ready to conquer the world.

Gundabad: The king of Gundabad once was Concano (Azog). Azog has built the city fortness of Mount Gundabad. Now another gundabad orc is grow in power, his name is Bolg, he has built a great Fortness near Khazad-Dum for conquer it.. Who wants to become the King of Gundabad?

Angmar: The fallen evil kingdom of the nord, named Angmar, is ruled by few tribes of orcs and trolls, but it doesn't have a central ruler. The current inhabitants of Angmar live on the city-fortness of Carn-Dum, and axpiring to conquer all the Eriador. Who wants to become the King of Angmar?

Isengard: The tower of Isengard is ruled by King KeyLime17.

Dol Guldur: The dark and evil creatures of Mirkwood was once led by Emperor_Nathan. Now, the tribes of the hill of sorcery doesn't have a ruler. Who wants to become the King of Dol Guldur?

High Elves: The last uncorrupted kingdom of the high elves is ruled by King Klimmesil. Many cities emerged in the past in this ancient territory. Klimmesil is now building a new city in is reign, that once finished, it will become the capital of is amazing kingdom.

Lothlorien: The fabulous kingdom of Lothlorien was once ruled by Trild900, who has built the fortified town of Caras Galadhon and Cerin Amroth and transferred there the seat of the kingdom. Now Trild900 is passed away and Lothlorien is looking for another king. Who wants to become the King of Lothlorien?

Silvan Elves: The reign of the Wood Elves was once ruled by Molol97 (Finrod), after building an impressive palace in the wastes of the woodland realm, it began construction of the imposing Thranduil's Halls and the actual king Molo97 (Thranduil) finished it.

Rhudel: The easterling tribes of rhudel seek a valid guide. Who wants to become the King of Rhudel?

Wainriders: The Wainriders are a confederation of easterling tribes that live at east of Rhudel, near the city of Balcaras, one of the few permanent cities of this faction and of the area. Who wants to become the King of Wainriders?

Works Built or Under Construction: Edit

Durin's Folk: Edit

  • Dain's Halls: Built to 100% (Grey Mountains)
    Dain's Halls Gate
  • Khazad-dûm: Built to 100% (Very large, 100+ Halls)
  • Erebor: Built to 100%
  • Azanulimbar-dúm: Built to 100% (Iron Hills)
  • East Peak: Built to 50% (Iron Hills)
  • Dor Rad: Built to 100% (Misty Mountains)
  • Gimli's Fortness: Built to 100% (Iron Hills)
  • Ered dùm: Built to 75% (Grey Mountains)
  • Scatha's Lair Outpost Fortness: Built to 100%

Silvan Elves: Edit

  • Thranduil Halls: Built to 100%
  • Molol's Halls: Built to 100%
  • River Gate: Built to 100%

Lothlorien: Edit

  • Cerin Amroth: Built to 100%
  • Caras Galadhon: Built to 80%
  • House of Nimrodel: Built to 15%

High Elves: Edit

  • Ost-In-Edhil: Built to 100% (Eregion)
  • Elostirion: Built to 100% (Near Lindon)
  • Rivendell: Built to 100%
  • Grey Havens: Built to 100%
  • Forlindon: Built to 50%

Gondor: Edit

  • Eilenach: Built to 100%
  • Ethring: Built to 100%
  • Cair Andros: Built to 100%
  • Amon-Dìn: Built to 100%
  • Osgiliath: Built to 100%
  • Minas Tirith: Built to 100%
  • Lond Daer: Built to 100%

Northern Dúnedain/Rangers of the North: Edit

  • Annúminas: Built to 85%
  • Fornost: Built to 100%
  • Bree: Built to 10%
  • Tharbad: Built to 100%

Rohan: Edit

  • Thunder Peak: Built to 100%
  • Edoras: Built to 100%
  • Helm's Deep: Built to 100%
    Helm Deep

Mordor: Edit

  • Amon Angren: Built to 100%%
  • Nargroth: Built to 100%
  • Fornurnen: Built to 100%
  • Barad-Dur: Built to 70%
  • Minas Morgul: Built to 100%
  • Morannon: Built to 100%
  • Umbar City: Built to 100%

Blue Dwarves: Edit

  • Belegost: Built to 100%
  • Nogrod: Built to 100%
  • Azaghal's Fortness: Built to 100%
  • Thorin's Halls: Built to 5%

Gundabad: Edit

  • Mount Gundabad: Built to 100%
  • Goblin's Town: Built to 100%
  • Bolg's Fortness: Built to 75%

Isengard: Edit

  • Orthanc: Built to 100%

Dol Guldur: Edit

  • Dol Guldur Fortness: Built to 100%

Rhudel: Edit

  • Khamul's Tower: Built to 100%

Wainriders: Edit

  • Balcaras: Built to 65%
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