At the moment this server is down, I (JorCoffeeBeans) either need better hardware to run the server off of, or income in some form to have the server hosted. Until then there will not be an Age Before Conquest. Thank you, and I hope for this to be resolved.


Age Before Conquest is a roleplay survival server with room for fighters and builders alike. We're currently in our Alpha development stage and do not have many players yet. We're looking for staff as well as builders and most of all... players!

We have our own Forums! Sign up for Free here!

Please read our WIP Rules Carefully. (Also available In-Game using the /rules command)

(Notice: This page will be updated regularly... Do NOT Update this page without permission from JorCoffeeBeans, Thanks)

Current Server Development Stage Edit


Alpha 1.5 Edit


  • Updated to Public Beta 30.3
  • Group Edits

Staff & RanksEdit

------Owners------ Display Name
JorCoffeeBeans Jorondur, High Lord of Harad
ThePomato Thorongil, High King of Gondor
------Admins------ Display Name
xX_Electron_Xx Vengeon, Prince of Harad
RainaRylee Raina, Queen of the High Elves
Delud Narchor, High Lord of the Avari
---Moderators--- Display Name
----------------------- -------------------------------------------
------Helpers------ Display Name
----------------------- -------------------------------------------
------Builders------ Display Name
------------------------ ------------------------------------------
-----Donators----- Display Name
----------------------- -------------------------------------------

Currently you cannot donate. hopefully soon in the future you will be able to.

Applications & Appeals Edit

Apply for staff on our Forums in the Server Staff Applications section

Apply for Builder on our Forums in the Server Build Rank Applications section

Appeal for a ban on our Forums in the Ban Appeals Section

Most other things will be done on our Forums, Thanks!

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